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Microsoft xCloud: play your favorite Xbox titles from your Android mobile

Microsoft has finally presented today a project that it had been working on for years, and that will finally see the light during the next year 2019: Project xCloud is a video game streaming service, which will allow users to enjoy their favorite console titles through their mobile, computer, console or television. Those of Redmond ensure that it will be possible to run the latest generation titles, on any compatible device.

Microsoft's initiative reminds us of Project Stream, the new Google service announced last week, through which we can run console games on virtually any device using Chrome technology. In both cases, companies will have to face one of the main problems that these types of cloud gaming platforms suffer today: latency.

Microsoft wants to bring console games to any device with xCloud

In the video presentation of the project, the company shows a preview version of xCloud running some popular console and desktop games on Android smartphonesIn addition to using the Xbox wireless controller, which according to the company can be associated both with consoles and with computers, mobile phones or televisions.

Although the operation seems to be quite fluid – at least in the video -, Microsoft notes that this project will not enter the testing phase until next yearAt the moment, the research and development team is working on creating new ways to combat latency, through advanced network techniques combined with video encoding and decoding systems. In this way, those of Redmond intend to make streaming video games in the cloud through xCloud viable even in 4G mobile data connections.

There is no doubt that the future of video games passes through the cloud, and it is only a matter of time until all the major companies in the industry decide to announce their future projects based on this type of technology. Google did it just a couple of days ago, and now it's Microsoft's turn. Who will be next?