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Microsoft buys SwiftKey, the famous smart keyboard for Android and iOS

Behind the information first disclosed by Financial Time, Microsoft has confirmed the purchase of SwiftKey, responsible for the famous keyboard of the same name. The amount to be paid for those from Redmond is estimated at about 250 million dollars, that is, more or less the same figure that was paid at the time by Wunderlist, the well-known focused on productivity.

Microsoft does this with one of the most used keyboards by Android device users, and it has an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play. SwiftKey and other keyboards that make use of the same SDK are present in more than 300 million Android and iOS devices.

In WinPhone metro | Microsoft pays millionaire figure for SwiftKey, the famous keyboard for Android and iOS

Why Microsoft Buys SwiftKey

As confirmed by Microsoft itself on its blog, the main feature of the SwiftKey keyboard is precisely that technology, which enables impressive levels of prediction. According to SwiftKey herselfSince the app was launched on Android in 2010, and a few years later on iOS, users have saved nearly 10 billion keystrokes while typing.

Microsoft says it will continue to develop and improve SwiftKey for Android and iOS, while working to integrate it into their own products and services. Now, it remains to be seen how that affects users, although knowing the enormous experience that Microsoft has behind it, SwiftKey should only get better.

Either way, it is certainly another big step for both companies but possibly earn more Microsoft, which keeps getting stronger and stronger in the productivity sector, one of its priority objectives at the moment if we take into account other relatively recent purchases such as that of the aforementioned Wunderlist, or the Sunrise calendar, which curiously was confirmed on February 4, 2015, that is, almost exactly one year ago.

Microsoft Blog | Official statement
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