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Microsoft buys popular productivity app Wunderlist

Not long ago, the battle to be the best mobile operating system was fought between only two big ones, Android and iOS. BlackBerry got lost along the way we don’t really know how and other experiments like Firefox OS or Tizen just went up in smoke.

And then Microsoft and Windows Phone appeared. Quietly. Turning a deaf ear to his detractors. What if an immature operating system, what if it lacks applications and what if not aesthetically beautiful. Windows Phone continued to grow and mature, shaking rivals today. Do Android and iOS have reason to worry? Yes, the reason is called Windows 10.

But today we will talk about the company that causes Windows Phone to be wherever it is, Microsoft. And it is that we cannot deny the obvious, Microsoft’s job is to take off your hat. Not only for building a mobile platform at the height of Android or iOS, but also for providing it with a really interesting application ecosystem.

And with the aim of having a series of really strong services, Microsoft takes control of one of the best mobile applications that we can install today. We are talking about Wunderlist, a productivity application that helps us organize our tasks. Essential for those who like to have everything organized.

In fact, Microsoft buys 6 Wunderkinder GmbH, the German developer of this application. According to sources The Wall Street Journal, for a figure that ranges between 200-300 million dollars.

Wunderlist thus joins the Microsoft family, forming a group of applications that are really worth it. Office, the popular Sunrise Calendar application, or Cortana are just some of the examples.

Best of all, Microsoft also shares its applications on other operating systems, so we will not have to fear that the development and future updates of Wunderlist for Android will disappear. Wunderlist has between 5,000,000 and 10,000,000 downloads on Google Play, as well as a 4.4 star rating, so from OneAndroid we highly recommend its installation.

Microsoft adds and goes. What will be next?

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