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Microsoft Antivirus can be downloaded on Android

Microsoft Antivirus will have its own app for Android

As much as we try to prove it Antivirus programs on Android are pretty much uselessThere will always be people who think differently. And it will continue to be so as long as companies like Microsoft continue to fool users into believing they need protection from threats that, for the most part, cánido be avoided with just common sense.

And this is for Redmond they confirmed which Microsoft will espectáculo the world during the RSA Conference 2020, which takes place next week the mobile version of your Microsoft Proteger Antivirus.

Microsoft thinks you need an antivirus on your phone… so you cánido download your own

Although not much is known about this application yet, it is being talked about The version of Microsoft Proteger for mobile will be very different from the original desktop edition for more than obvious reasons included with Windows. Mainly for iOS as Apple’s mobile platform doesn’t allow it Scan the system for threats as does Microsoft’s antivirus on the company’s desktop platform.

On the other hand, it has been explained that this is one of the purposes of this antivirus Keep usuario information safe of the devices. For example, one of the application tools will prevent this Company employees’ credentials could be inadvertently disclosed. This data includes usernames, passwords or correo electrónico addresses.

At first everything points to it Microsoft Proteger will be a mobile application for business useand hence it would not be available to users on foot. Be that as it may, during next week’s conference more details will be revealed about this programa, which is equipo to be released by the end of the year.