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Microsoft announces that its Xbox Live service will be compatible with Android and iOS devices

The world of mobile games has evolved by leaps and bounds, And right now, the terminals we have in our pockets are powerful enough to offer us a good experience in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Xbox Live is Microsoft's online service that allows users to access the latest games, movies and programs that Microsoft adds to its platform, and Its Gold mode allows you to download a large number of games for free –more than a thousand, specifically–, as well as accessing others at a discounted price. And now, Microsoft has announced that Xbox Live will be compatible with Android and iOS.

Xbox Live on Android, what can we expect?

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Live will come to the two main mobile operating systems, and for this they need the collaboration of game developers, since currently, The only games that have some integration with Xbox Live at the achievement level are those developed by Microsoft Studios.

With the new SDK, Xbox Live will open to a large number of games, and in fact it is speculated that we can see it available even on other consoles like the Nintendo Switch. But what Microsoft is really looking for, as we read in The Verge, it would be to boost the game mode in the cloud, something that we could also see coming to Android late or soon.

Mobile games are getting better every year, and many users today pay to play certain games on the device they spend more hours in front of throughout the day, so it wouldn't be weird for us to see Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's subscription video game service, get to Android and iOS at some point, since thanks to him, for 9.99 euros per month we could play a large selection of games on our mobile.