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Mark Zuckerberg’s data also got into the hands of Cambridge Analytica according to him

Facebook is not going through its best moment in terms of popularity, and that is something that makes us happy, since the fact ** that it takes advantage of users’ personal data has been an open secret for a long time. **

Now, the CEO of the company has even passed through the United States Congress to give explanations, and the truth is that this intervention has left us quite disconcerting data, such as the fact that Mark Zuckerberg’s own data was also sold to Cambridge Analytica, let’s see it!

1984 Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s data was also sold, according to him

As you know, the Cambridge Analytica scandal has engulfed Facebook – and hopefully it will swallow it – and therefore the creator and CEO of the company had to go to give explanations to the United States Congress because of this scandal, as we have told you.

That the race for data is an arms race against Russian hackers was one of the most interesting things Zuckerberg said, and he also talked about the censorship on his social network against all content in favor of ISIS and Al Qaeda, which, according to This is marked and removed before any human being sees it, through Artificial Intelligence.

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And for the CEO of Facebook “it is a success to implement artificial intelligence tools that can proactively monitor and enforce security throughout the community”. The bad thing, and what he did not say, is that, for now, This censorship has no limits other than those that the social network wants to impose.

Beyond this, Mark Zuckerberg also affirmed that his data, along with those of 87 million Facebook users had reached the hands of Cambridge Analytica, about which he said that he also thinks that legislative regulation of his industry is inevitable.