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Make your Android look like a GameBoy with these icons and screen background

Thanks to a Reddit user, you can now turn your Android smartphone into a GameBoy.

Android users have a great variety to personalize their device, and this time we explain how you can make your smartphone look like a GameBoy with this unique customization of wallpaper and icons.

Devices with the Google operating system allow you to customize from the wallpapers to icons or widgets. An user by Reddit has had the brilliant idea of ​​turning his device into a GameBoy, Nintendo’s mythical portable console.

Mario on your mobile is one of the best customizations we’ve seen

GameBoy was a portable Nintendo game console that was powered by batteries, and is the third best-selling console in the world. Many users have spent hours playing titles like Tetris or Super Mario, and now you can make your smartphone look like this console thanks to this unique customization.

Turn your Android into a GameBoy with this customization.

How to customize your Android to look like a GameBoy

Show your love for Nintendo with these wallpapers of Super Mario and his universe

If you’re fan of the mythical Nintendo console And you want your smartphone to look like it, pay attention to the customization that we bring you below, because it is very worth it. With it you can change from the wallpaper to the icons of your Android smartphone.

But how do I make my smartphone look like a GameBoy? It is simple, for this you just have to follow a few small steps, which are also explained in the well-known forum.

This user has achieved this unique customization with a KLWP file, then has configured the page by downloading some files from Google Drive and has modified the icons by an app from the Google Play Store.

In this way, by following the same steps as this user, you can turn your Android smartphone into a mythical GameBoy, at least in terms of appearance. In addition, you can always show it off in front of your friends who are fans of retro video games.