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Magic Leap, the augmented reality technology that Google has fallen in love with

Every time Google goes shopping, he opens a drawer, takes out his checkbook, and does not skimp on writing down the amount that is necessary for that company or technology to be yours. Clear examples of this that I am telling you are Emu, Songza or Flutter, all of them acquired by the Big G company to improve their own technology. Today Google has not gone shopping, but it has released a considerable amount on a technology that will be the future: Magic Leap, an augmented reality company.

Magic Leap is a company that has never made much noise, with just over 100 employees. Although they are few, the virtual reality technology – which they define as “cinematic reality” – that they have created has caught the attention of Google, which has not wanted to miss the opportunity to invest in this the modest sum of $ 542 million, as we read in The Free Android, raising the value of the company to 2 billion dollars, what did it cost to Facebook buy Oculus Rift.

Not only happy with the investment, Google has decided that Sundar pichai, one of its great executives, together with Paul Allen and Andreesen Horowitz, are the ones who run this company from now on, thus becoming members of the board of directors and advising the company for the proper functioning of it. But let's get to the point and explain what this technology consists of, something quite complicated.

Magic Leap Example

What Magic Leap has created is “cinematic reality”, which is not the same as “augmented reality.” The product of this technology is intended to be used in glasses –The same Google product has just come to our minds– to integrate physical elements into a virtual world, which would allow us, for example, to decorate an empty room with virtual furniture created with this technology.

As you are supposing, this technology is not something that can be run on any device, but it will require powerful equipment that is capable of starting up all the machinery that this technology carries inside – digitizing images, processors … – so that right now we can only fantasize about the use that we would give to this invention of Magic Leap. If you like this company and want to get involved, know that Magic Leap is looking for engineers to get it done. As usual we are interested in knowing your opinion, so tell us your feelings in the comments.