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Luci, PAC-MAN, Truck Simulator and many other paid apps and games that you can get for free or at a discount

We knew you expected it, and here it is: a new selection of paid apps and games for Android on offer has appeared this Friday on Google Play, so you can enjoy some of the best creations of the developers at the best price, or even totally free in some cases.

On this occasion, the selection includes applications of the level of Luci, a sleep diary developed by the same creator of apps like Weather Timeline or Flamingo for Twitter, among others.

Also included are true great games as Death Worm, PAC-MAN, Sky Dancer or Truck Simulator.

Paid apps for Android on offer

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Luci for Android

Paid games for Android on offer

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Payment icons and customization for Android on offer

Free Android payment icons and customization