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Like Elon Musk, the Amazon founder also has a custom iPhone – there are only 99 units

Caviar presents limited editions of the iPhone 12 Pro inspired by the pioneers of space: Gagarin, Armstrong, Korolev, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

It is not the first time that we have seen Caviar turning basic devices into authentic pieces of art and luxury of the most exclusive and expensive, including versions of $ 6,000 of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and some special editions of the iPhone 12 of no less than 23,000 Dollars.

We will not reach cost sizes this time, although the new ones are certainly just as interesting. Exclusive iPhone 12 Pro designs that the companions of Gizmo china, and that Caviar will prepare and sell on a limited basis for celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first manned space flight honoring the pioneers of space.

iPhone 12 dedicated to Jeff Bezos

This is the iPhone 12 that Caviar dedicates to Jeff Bezos.

We are talking about iPhone 12 Pro models that will be touched up on the outside with precious stones and exclusive finishes, inspired by astronauts Gagarin and Armstrong, the rocket designer Sergei Korolev and the new entrepreneurs of space, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, also owners of SpaceX, Tesla and Amazon respectively.

As for the hardware, there is no change and the devices will work like any other iPhone 12 Pro, although the lucky owners better take care of them because they are exclusive and very limited editions that will be sold at stratospheric prices

Android's worst enemy is called iPhone 12

So are the new and expensive iPhone 12 Pro Caviar

We will start with the versions of the pioneering astronauts and the Russian rocket designer, with a model created for Yuri Gagarin with an aircraft grade titanium body and a navigation watch similar to that of the Russian cosmonaut, which is accompanied by a tiny version of the Vostok-K that took him into space. It will cost $ 8,920, nothing less.

As for Neil Armstrong's model, we'll see a monochrome design etched onto the back of the iPhone 12 Pro, too. built in titanium and adorned with an image of the North American astronaut planting the flag of the United States on the surface of the Moon. The date of the feat is engraved, as well as a small detail of the Earth and a piece of the Apollo 11 spacecraft included. There will be 11 numbered units, and each will cost $ 6,450.

Finally, we have an attractive black and yellow design that renders tribute to Russian rocket designer Korolev, showing a beautiful star of 999 gold galvanized in a titanium case with details of the Earth, and some frames also made of gold with the date of the launch of Sputnik next to the words . There will be 99 units of this model, priced at $ 6,750.

In addition to these, we will see three other designs more absolutely exclusive and inspired by space pioneers of contemporary times, two of them to honor Elon Musk and one that mentions Jeff Bezos.

In fact, the Amazon founder will have an iPhone 12 Pro with the Titanium back with a blue touch and a silver feather representing the logo of , with the inscription and the date of April 29, 2015, on which the New Shepard rocket was first successfully launched. This edition will cost $ 5,840, and there will be 99 limited units for sale.

The last two designs pay tribute to the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, the popular Elon Musk, who will have a monochrome edition called with a representation of the Dragon ship taking off towards the red planet, a great medium-term desire for a South African businessman. This version will cost $ 6,910.

The other also has a titanium case and gold accents to show us a silhouette of Musk in front of the red planet, surrounded by an elliptical orbit with the message and the founding date of SpaceX, which turns 19 years old in 2021. These are in fact the units of this model that will cost 6,610 dollars and it will also be very limited.

They will not be for everyone and we will surely never see them, because obviously it is about collector's models More than just gadgets that wealthy people could buy. It is not only about noble materials and precious stones, but about limited editions that will increase in value over time if they are kept in the right way.

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