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Lightweight Android games: the best games that take up little space

Not everyone has mobiles with 128, 256 or up to 512 GB of internal storage. There are still those who must settle for much inferior capabilities. That is why, despite going through a time in which mobile games are increasingly technologically advanced, casual titles that take up little space are still at the top of the various Google Play categories.

And the truth is that we can find great light games in the Google Play Store. Therefore, as we did at the time with our selection of the best games that do not require an Internet connection or Wi-Fi, today we want to choose games that take up little space And they can be installed on practically any device – and if that's not the case, you better take a look at our guide to free up space on Android.

5 great Android games that take up little space

Modern Sniper – Sniper

The first game that our colleagues from Urban Tecno propose to us is Modern Sniper – Sniper, a shooting title that, despite only 10 MB, offers fantastic 3D graphics with more than 50 shooting missions, 6 scenarios and up to 7 weapons to choose from and customize.

It is a game totally free although it offers in-app purchases and we will find the odd advertisement in the game menus.

Google Play | Modern Sniper – Sniper

Stick hero

Stick hero

The second of the titles is as simple as it is addictive. Stick hero has already become a classic among games in the category , in which our mission is to get from one platform to another by creating bridges, without falling short but not passing us either.

Google Play | Stick hero

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

TWD game for Android

An option that I fear will be the favorite of the followers of The Walking Dead series, is one of the official games of the series that exist in Google Play. Road to Survival is a role-playing title in which we must make use of strategy to survive the hordes of zombies, making decisions that will affect the development of the story.

Google Play | Twe Walking Dead: Road to Survival



With little more than 5 MB of weight, and chosen as one of the best games in its category by Google Play editors, Mekorama is one of those titles that should not be missing in any Android mobile. The game puts us in the “skin” of a small and adorable robot that must go through 50 levels, full of puzzles that must be overcome.

In each level we will find collectible cards, although we will also find enemies that will block our way. And when you think you are already an expert, you can create your own Dioramas.

Google Play | Mekorama

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

You could not miss one of the great classics of strategy games. Despite having been with us for some years now, there are still thousands of people around the world who are still playing Fallout Shelter.

If you still do not know it, you should know that it is a title in which you will have to create a shelter capable of protecting as many people as possible, and end up creating a prosperous group of residents with the necessary skills to face a post-apocalyptic future.

Google Play | Fallout Shelter