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LEGO and Star Wars will star in 2020 one of the most epic crossovers

There are just a few months until the latest Star Wars movie hits theaters around the world and how could it be otherwise, the merchandising machinery begins to operate at full blast. T-shirts, figures even applications for Android. Why Star Wars will star in a new video game for mobile devices although it will not come alone, if not with the famous LEGO dolls.

Although at the moment little is known about the new title, as we read in the Star Wars blog, LEGO Star Wars Battles –as it will be called– seems to be a tower defense style game or similar to Rush Wars, the new game from the creators of Clash Royale in which we can handle the most iconic characters of the saga like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader as well as other famous vehicles. For the first time, we will be able to unite heroes from the light side of the force with villains from the dark side, fighting side by side.

Of course, Lego Star Wars Battles will be free … but with integrated purchases that we assume will range from new and powerful units, more coins to improve equipment and our heroes or even energy packs to be able to play more. That is to say, typical in this style of games and that will make players who decide to pay advance faster than those who do not.

The truth is that in the last days we are seeing a proliferation of new free games with quite a few microtransactions. To the aforementioned Rush Wars we must add the grotesque Pokémon GO clone based on the world of Men in Black as well as the new Pokémon game, whose users are protesting about the high prices of integrated purchases.

Be that as it may, Star Wars and LEGO promise to give us a few hours of fun, then we will see if the game continues to fight or is forgotten by the way a few days after its launch.