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Learn to tattoo with these applications for your mobile

Tattooing is an art that requires study and practice to be perfectly mastered. Luckily, there are tools that you can install on your smartphone that can help you if you want to level up. Thanks to this, today we will tell you which are the best 6 applications to learn to tattoo with your mobile.

Learning to tattoo, without exaggerating, can become a real headache. It is not easy for someone to give confidence to an inexperienced tattoo artist and the only way to improve your skills as a tattoo artist is to tattoo. However, there are certain applications that can contribute a grain of sand to your growth in this universe.

Be careful, remember that practice makes perfect and that you need to tattoo to become a better tattoo artist. Of course, you can be sure that these applications will help you achieve it.

Apps to learn to tattoo

These are the best apps you can download to learn how to tattoo

  • How to draw tattoos
  • Learn to Draw Tribal Tattoos
  • Tattoo Fonts Designer
  • Tattoodo
  • Inkhunter
  • Tattoos for photos

How to draw tattoos

how to draw tattoos

How to draw tattoos is an application to learn to tattoo with your mobile that will teach you to draw the designs step by step. It is an ideal app to learn how to draw tattoos while having fun, which includes numerous designs classified by levels of difficulty.

In a matter of seconds, you will have the opportunity to learn how to make great drawings. Single take a paper, a pencil, choose the tattoo you like the most and follow the instructions. It is very easy to use!

Learn to Draw Tribal Tattoos

learn to draw tribal tattoos

Learn to draw tribal tatoos

Learn to Draw Tribal Tattoos en1 the perfect application for those who learn to tattoo using their mobile. Why? Because the application teaches you how to draw tattoos in simple steps and improves your confidence both when drawing and coloring.

Tribal Tattoos Drawing and Coloring Book is a very easy to use self-study application. Even the smallest of the house can draw, color and paint these popular tattoo drawings. In addition, the application works completely offline and does not need internet.

Tattoo Fonts Designer

tattoos font designer

App to learn to design body art easily. Tattoo Fonts Designer allows you to sketch, add colors, effects and more, to give a realistic touch to each of your creations. This tool has templates to develop ideas or models already created. It is also necessary to emphasize that it has different types of fonts to make letters or designs with style. However, it is only available for Android users.


Tattoodo is an application that leads you to be part of a great community for tattoo lovers all over the world. In this tool, you will find up to more than 600,000 designs that have been taken from more than 25,000 professional tattoo studios.

As if that were not enough, in Tatoodo you can make reservations to get a tattoo in hundreds of studios around the world. In addition to teaching you how to tattoo through high-quality examples, it allows you to get the perfect tattoo artist for any tattoo you want to get.


Inkhunter is an application with which you can see how a tattoo would look on your skin, thanks to augmented reality technology. The application projects any tattoo design, anywhere on your body so you can see what it looks like.

Try your own design or choose a tattoo from your gallery and see what the design looks like from different angles. It also serves to surprise your friends if you want to joke with your friends saying that you got a new tattoo. Download the app and have fun!

Tattoos for photos

This app to learn how to make tattoos with your mobile will help you create a photo with a part of your body tattooed. The motifs are generated in label shapes that you can place on virtually any part of the body thanks to augmented reality. It is a tool with more than 1000 new styles, 100 different types of fonts and 250 families of tattoos.

How do you use the Tattoos for Photos app? Choose a photo from your gallery or take one using your mobile camera, select a tattoo design and place it on your photo or choose the Text option to create a name tattoo using various fonts. Adjusting the size, rotation and style of your preference is too easy. After you finish your work, you can save it and share it on your social networks in seconds.

On the other hand, we invite you to see these 7 apps to test tattoos on your mobile before doing them. Although you could also take a look at this tutorial that explains how to add effects and filters to your TikTok videos so that you include tattoos and more.

You realized? There are tons of tools that can help you improve your skills as a tattoo artist. And you, which of all are you going to install?