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Koushik Dutta shows us the mirroring functions of Chromecast

If there is a device in which there is great interest in its potential it is, without a doubt, the Chromecast. Google recently released its SDK so that developers could create applications for this appreciated .

The author of the video is Koushik Dutta, a member of the CyanogenMod team and creator of the famous AllCast application, and shows us the potential of the Google device, one of the most interesting capabilities.

This news makes us want the device even more, which will be marketed internationally throughout 2014 according to Google.

In the video we observe its operation, watching on television the same as in our .

Specifically, it plays the popular Flappy Bird game and the official Twitter client for Android. As a negative point, especially for game fans who expected to enjoy them on a screen larger than twenty inches, is the reaction time, as we clearly see when playing, making it difficult to use our terminal as a command.

However, it can be useful when playing multimedia content or surfing the web. If we are interested and our patience does not allow us to wait, we can acquire a Google Chromecast thanks to, priced at about $ 30 without taking shipping costs into account.

It was to be expected that these applications and these uses would come to light, since they are what we all imagine when thinking about an accessory that connects via HDMI to our TV and that can be linked with our Android device.

From my humble point of view, it would be very good if the problem posed by that second of reaction since we touched our screen of our until we watch it on TV.

In time, they will undoubtedly be fixed.