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Is there a customer service phone number?

Problems with Wallapop? These are the easiest ways to ask Wallapop for help.

How to contact Wallapop: Is there a customer service phone number?
Problems with Wallapop? These are the easiest ways to ask Wallapop for help

background one of most habitual and important companies in Spain in what electronic commerce it means. This platform, specialized in buying and selling second-hand products among users, has become a very useful tool for people to find what they want.

as in everyone En línea trading siteYou probably have an incident and need to get in touch Support or Help Center get one effective solution. If you don’t know how to do it, we’ll tell you How perro you contact Wallapop? not trying to die.

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Check out the Wallapop support page

At the time of presenting a problem with the buy, sell, ship, pay or with a claim inherent in your account backgroundVisit the section of “Average” Your website should be your first port of call.

Here you will find various information that will help you enjoy one positive experience and above all secure within the platform. “Posting Rules” Y “Security Council” Here are some of the categories you perro consult.

This is the official Wallapop portal

This is the official Wallapop portal

However, it is the most important thing of all Frequently Asked Questions. Clicking on this section will take you to a panel with different ones Statements, categories and information very useful to help you solve your situation.

of knowledge How does Wallapop shipping work? until I know the possible reasons for this Why haven’t I been paid yet? addressed in this article. In most cases, they are more than sufficient to dispel general suspicion.

Now it is possible that your situation is not reflected in any of these articles and one more personal and direct attention with Wallapop customer service. So what perro you do in these situations? Very easy! It’s time to contact the company. Then we’ll tell you all ways to contact Wallapop.

All ways to contact Wallapop

In case your question or need is not considered Frequently Asked Questions sectionWallapop leaves your hand different methods of contact who to contact. We tell you what they are:

Wallapop telephone customer service

Wallapop telephone customer service

Contact Wallapop through their phone numbers

One of the ways to connect with the Wallapop Help Center Yes indeed through the phone. Here you have the opportunity to talk to an operator. To do this, you must contact your phone number completely free 936 76 05 10.

It is important to note that often a Customer service on the phone so you will not find direct contact with the Wallapop team. However, the contact is there.

Wallapop customer support dirección de correo electrónico

Another way fácil, fast and efficient make contact background is over Correo electrónico. Actually the scene two dirección de correo electrónico addresses Who to contact if you need it.

Considering that this is one of the most common ways to communicate with the company, you need to be patient while doing so. He is The size of the correo electrónico is quite large and there is no estimated response time.

  • Incidents with shipments: –
  • Paid events:

Wallapop News

Another effective way to get help Managing a dispute on Wallapop is through messaging network. In this case you must Fill out the form details (Correo electrónico, Dispute Reason, Subject, Description, Tracking Code, Attachments.

Wallapop popular networks

Go to their social networks and leave a message

Go to their popular networks and leave a message

In the same way as that Correo electrónico They are another good choice Contact Wallapop Customer Servicelikes popular networks Twitter, Fb and instagram They’re another great option.

In their profiles on popular networks with hundreds of thousands of users there is an open door to reveal yours requests or demands if you need it Here you cánido go on vacation comment on posts or by a private message.

It’s true that background He also has an official profile on the platform LinkedIn. However, this channel is not the most suitable for execution claims or requestssince it is an account employment opportunities. We therefore advise against contacting them in this way.

Visit the Wallapop facilities

There is an unusual option, especially for such a digitized world, and that is to go to Conradh na Gaeilge’s offices background. Of course, he thinks this alternative is the best “urgent” of all.

If you have a oportunidad serious problems and you have to trust court claim or for matters directly related to the platform, this is one of the best ways to record the fact or have proof that the claim was actually made.

Nevertheless, if you live in SpainSpecifically in or around Barcelona you perro go to the following address and present your adventure:

Avenue Meridiana, 89, P. 608026 Barcelona, ​​Spain.

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Now that you know the different ways Contact WallapopYou won’t have a big problem if you need help from the customer service team when it comes to this Resolve any incidents with your account.

Of course, it never hurts to announce that possible fraud if you want to touch the platform, so Take your precautions.