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Is it true that a black wallpaper serves to save battery?

There is an urban legend that having your phone with a black background can help you reduce visits to the charger. It's true? Let us know the answer.

Wallpapers are an important part of the mobile phone, not only in terms of personalization, it can also affect its performance. It has always been heard that using a completely black image for the background can help save battery life, But is it true or is it just a legend? In this article we give you the answer.

Although battery capacity is key to autonomy, the use that you give to the mobile phone also influences. In this aspect, you can activate the automatic brightness, deactivate functions that you do not use such as Bluetooth and yes, also change the wallpaper for a dark one. Let's see how the choice of the background image affects your mobile.

OnePlus 8 with black wallpaper.

Save battery with dark wallpaper, right or legend?

The mystery to the effectiveness of using a dark wallpaper to save battery has a simple answer: yes, it is useful, especially on OLED and AMOLED screens. Why? Well basically because in this type of screen dark pixels turn off and consume no power. In this way, when using a completely black image, most of the pixels will not light, which will not save battery and spend more time without going through the charger.

This not the same on LCD screens Well, as we saw in the differences with AMOLED screens, in these panels the pixels have to be constantly on even though the image colors are black. Therefore, the energy consumption of these displays is important.

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We have already seen the energy saving when using dark elements in the customization with the dark mode, as it has been shown to be great utility to save battery on your mobile for the same reason. Therefore, if you want to reduce the energy consumption of your mobile, do not hesitate to activate the dark mode.

It is true that it is not easy to find a dark background among the default ones that smartphones offer you, which are usually the most colorful. Therefore, you should find and apply these images on your own, a simple process. How we explain you in the guide to turn your mobile black, in the Black Wallpapers 4K app, what can you download free from Google Play Store, you can find over 2,000 black wallpapers for your smartphone.

Before concluding, we remember that animated wallpapers are also consumer goods for the terminal. They look nice, but they suppose a rapid decrease of the remaining battery of the same. If this detail does not matter to you, bet on animated backgrounds. Instead, if you prefer to preserve the battery, it is best to install a black wallpaper.

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