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Instagram is going from bad to worse, now you will see photos of users you do not follow

I wish it was an innocent, but it is not. Instagram is making the feed worse and worse. Previously, we saw the photos in chronological order, that is, in our feed the photos that were uploaded by the users we followed appeared. After a change in the feed, the photos appeared “according to your interests”, which is basically according to the interests of Instagram, which would show you the photos that the app wanted.

Now, there is one more turn of the screw, the recommended post arrives, from users you don't follow and from whom you may not want to know anything, but from whom you are going to see their photos, whether you want to or not.

Recommended posts reach Instagram

As you can see, there is little stir that is being caused by the network. As we read in TechCrunch, recommendations will now appear in your feed. In other words, the explore mode loses a lot of sense, since some of those recommended photos will now appear on your timeline.

The general discontent of users, since there are photographs of users you follow that will never appear to you, and instead you will see users you do not follow. A change of course on Instagram that we do not understand, and that in the short term can mean a loss of users. Will we see a new Snapchat case? Will someone launch an app with a decent feed that we can migrate to? For the moment, there is nothing left but to accept the change, and see how little by little, the Facebook applications team worsens at times.