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Instagram adds a fun element if you’re desperate with the social network

The new Instagram allows you to shake your phone to report problems with the application.

Instagram adds a fun element if you're desperate with the social network
Instagram icon, the world’s most used popular network for images and vídeos.

instagram It has a plan in case the aplicación malfunctions and this gets you out of trouble. Adam Mosseri, the head of the popular network announced the arrival a new feature that’s out there shake the phone quickly to report errores.

Its operation is fácil: once you find a kind The problem with InstagramYou just have to Shake the phone. Then a message appears on the screen pop-up menu This allows you to report the errors displayed in the aplicación.

“Rage Shake”, the new function to report problems on Instagram

As Mosseri explained on his Twitter profile, that’s what the feature aims to do report mistake and application performance issues, without sending recommendations or reports on the subject. He explains that thanks to the new option, you cánido “explain exactly what happened, how you ended up in this place and all the emotions and feelings you felt to make someone see it.

Instagram is not the only aplicación that includes such a feature. others like Google plus Mapstakes into account the choice of Shake the mobile phone to send suggestions. However, in the Navigation and Google plus Maps application, this option is disabled by default.

The property is in question available in the version of Instagram for iPhone and Android Coming soon. Similarly, they also announced from Instagram that their Instant messaging aplicación released in 2019, Threads, will close its doors permanently, announcing the arrival of an option that many users have been asking for for a long time: the possibility Remove an image or vídeo from an already uploaded carousel.