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In case you are curious, this is how the battery of a Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro explodes

A smartphone is a very complex device in which a series of components and very elaborate software allow us to perform an infinity of tasks, from sharing content with our acquaintances and friends to orienting ourselves in an unknown city. The possibilities it gives us are enormous.

However, alongside these possibilities, there are also certain risks – very small – that something will happen to the terminal. And it has happened that a terminal from Xiaomi two years ago, the Redmi Note 6 Pro, has mysteriously exploded recently, are you curious to see how it did? So let's go!

Redmi Note 6 Pro mysteriously explodes

The Redmi Note 6 Pro was presented by Xiaomi a few years ago and it was a success in terms of sales, as often happens with this Xiaomi mid-range that conquers many markets thanks to its good value for money. Yet from time to time like absolutely all brands, its terminals are susceptible to failure.

And this is precisely what happened on this occasion, in which one of these terminals has exploded in an Indian store while an operator was trying to repair it, something that has already happened on more occasions. Luckily, it hasn't caused any injuries, though we are sure that the three people in the store will have had a good scare.

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As you can see, the terminal has started to emit smoke from one moment to the next, a situation in which the store manager has decided to throw it away and put it aside, with the good luck that it has not exploded, and that the customer has Time to move a few yards away, just in case something happened. With this we do not want to generalize or say that all Xiaomi products can explode, or anything like that, since it is an isolated case of which we echo due to the curiosity of the event.