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If you are a fan of the Galaxy Note, sign here so that Samsung does not abandon them

The fans are not resigned, and the #TeamGalaxyNote already collects signatures on so that Samsung does not abandon the ‘phablets' par excellence.

This same week Samsung It was surprising by confirming that the Galaxy Note will be reincarnated in the Galaxy Z Fold already in this year 2021, although the big question we had already asked ourselves some time ago, anticipating all these movements … What if the Galaxy Note does not finally disappear?

Not counting the fiasco of the Galaxy Note7 and its explosions, the truth is that we are already clear that we will live the first year in a decade without a new generation of the Galaxy Note, and many fear that Samsung will not update to the star of the market, and by extension to the smartphones that changed the industry from the large format.

Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy Note have marked an era … Long live the Galaxy Note!

Many may be the reasons for the fall of the Galaxy Note, some point to more mundane issues such as chip crisis while other experts speak of a strategic change seeking take the cutting edge of Samsung to the Galaxy Z, although in any case we are still millions of users of the Note series globally who are still waiting for the announcement of a new iteration.

And since we do not know if Samsung's plans for 2022 include a new Galaxy Note with its well integrated, well many fans have started to organize initiating a petition for signatures in which is already open, so that Samsung does not forever discontinue the Galaxy Note:

What if the Samsung Galaxy Note does not finally disappear?

Due to notoriety and repercussion it will not be, since the movement has already been announced both in Sammobile as in other important media, Android Authority for example, and obviously we extend it to Spain to help us avoid “the mistake” of Samsung signing the petition.

The petition specifically mentions the doubts of fans of the Galaxy Note family about the extension of the S-Pen to more devices, and refers to the suspension of the Galaxy Note in 2021 requesting that in the first half of 2022 the most iconic with his integrated into the Samsung catalog.

If we want Samsung not to abandon the Galaxy Note, the first thing is to make them see in Seoul that the mass of users faithful to this family of devices will still be here asking for a new Galaxy Note in 2022.

I myself do not quite understand this new strategy of place the S-Pen in an external sleeve, adding more weight, size and discomfort forcing us to carry more accessories, while the Note integrated the pencil in the best possible way, within the body of the smartphone itself.

Now think about it What would happen if in the Galaxy S22 series the Ultra model is replaced by a Note? Well nothing, right? In fact, we would love to … So, we no longer entertain you, if you want a new Galaxy Note sign the petition and let's start letting Samsung know.

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