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I am a company, how do I get into the Yellow Pages?

The Yellow Pages no longer exist physically, but you cánido advertise your business in its digital version.

I am a company, how do I get into the Yellow Pages?

The Yellow Pages have already physically disappeared in 2021. However, this does not orinan that they are over as they work in a digital format. It is an excellent directory for your company or business. In fact, the Yellow Pages are still a place to look. If you want to register your business in the Yellow Pages, you need to take the following steps. The best thing is that you perro do it without paying anything.

How to register your company in the Yellow Pages

It’s very fácil, once your company or business appears in this digital directory, all you have to do is start the free registration process. To register your company we need to go to the top right corner of the main page. We will find an inscription that says Register your company for free.

High screenshot from the Yellow Pages

Your business will expand when it’s in the Yellow Pages.

By clicking, we have the opportunity to register in order to be able to use our LinkedIn, Fb, Google plus or Apple profile. It is enough to entrar the requested data and thus be able to take our business or company into account.

anel users to access the Yellow Pages

Give your business new wings in the Yellow Pages,

As you perro see, listing your business in the yellow pages is very fácil and straightforward, but if you want to boost it and have better options, the most interesting thing is to be able to offer your contract from the business plans. for us. With them, you cánido increase the visibility of your business and make it more attractive to the public.

Business plans in the Yellow Pages

The business plans in the Yellow Pages are designed for this improve the possibilities of your company or your company. For this, it offers you digital marketing tools such as Google plus My Business or popular networks. Depending on your needs, you have 3 different plans.

basic plan

At a price of 43 euros per month, this plan improves your visibility and offers you effective solutions, because not only will you be prominently aparente in this directory, but on 50 different websites, with a focus on Google plus, Google plus Maps or TripAdvisor. For this price you have 24/7 support, a chatbot and advice tailored to your needs.


We’ve gone down to €83 per month, but we’ve gotten an improvement over the basic plan. It offers a website, domain, correo electrónico accounts and hosting. If your company or company has an account with them, this is a good opportunity.


The most complete for 113 euros per month adds everything in the necessary plan; But you Providing an en línea store with payment gateway and catalog management If your business or company wants to focus on selling en línea, you should evaluate this plan. But as if that wasn’t enough, the Yellow Pages in this plan include a “free call” button on your website, so it’s a good hook when your customers communicate with you.

How much does a website cost and how do you know how much to spend?

The Yellow Pages, anything but outdated,They are a very effective tool when it comes to giving visibility to your business. You might see that registration and registration are free, but if you want more visibility or the Yellow Pages take care of the personal service for your business, there are 3 plans available.

It may appear in a directory like this off-putting that your business or company needs to be able to stand out. It should be borne in mind that the competition is very strong, especially after the pandemic, and there is a need to provide the customer with search speed and a number of related services, y también.g. B. locating companies on a map or the ability to perform searches. adjusted by provinces. The Yellow Pages, while only available in digital form, are still a great tool for customers to quickly find what they need. It’s still an incentive to be seen in them.