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Huawei and Honor are still up to date on Android and will receive November patches

Huawei confirms that yes, it will continue to update Android and the future of its programa has been clarified, and its terminals are already starting to update Google plus’s November 1 security patches.

Huawei and Honor are still up to date on Android and will receive November patches
Huawei and its programa, on everyone’s lips since Trump’s cross.

Huawei is celebrating this on the one hand because of the great China success of its Mate40 and on the other hand because of that against Donald Trump in the US electionsThis could be a big step in unlocking a veto from the US government, which has removed Google plus Play’s certification for far too long.

In fact, we’ve often wondered what would happen to this Android without Huawei’s Google plus. whether I would receive future updates or not until the arrival of HarmonyOS and above all if EMUI would go its way Reporting the experiences based on AOSP confirmed by Huawei by clarifying the 37 models that will receive EMUI 11.

And now, as our classmates told us Huawei headquartersThe Shenzhen giant confirms this Yes, it will continue to update Android on its terminalsI’ve already started getting it Google plus security patches from 1.11.2020.

This is how Huawei celebrated its success in China with the Mate 40

As reported by Huawei, the update will reach its devices and those signed by its brand come out That includes Honor, which has been speculated to be sold so it could get a Google plus Play certification again Fixes for common vulnerabilities and exposures thereby improving the security of their mobile devices.

Speed ​​and performance are also optimized, as well as improvements to the operating system, kernel and drivers that are clearly invisible to the usuario in terms of features and functionality.

According to Huawei, in case you want to consult them in more detail, these are the codes for the improvements included in its November 2020 patch for EMUI:

  • Criticism: CVE-2020-0442, CVE-2020-0441, CVE-2020-0449, CVE-2020-0451
  • Registrations: CVE-2020-11173, CVE-2020-11174, CVE-2020-0437, CVE-2020-0443, CVE-2020-0438, CVE-2020-0453, CVE-2020-0418, CVE-230, CVE-23 2020 -0448, CVE-2020-12856, CVE-2020-0454, CVE-2020-0424, CVE-2020-0409, CVE-2020-0452, CVE-2020-0450
  • Socks: Nothing at all
  • Low: Nothing at all
  • Previous announcements include: CVE-2020-0423, CVE-2020-0371, CVE-2020-0283

As always, this distribution To update it will be gradual and will reach all devices of the brand that still keep their support active in the coming weeks, without indication of Huawei or implementation data is the entry order for all devices in your catalog.

We have to wait and wait liver 11but don’t worry, because we don’t lose track and We will also let you know once distribution begins for the main Huawei phones. Be patient!

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