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How to view your driver’s license points on your mobile phone

You perro easily view your controlador’s license points with an application from your mobile phone. This is how it’s done.

How to view your driver's license points on your mobile phone
You cánido view your map points using the My DGT aplicación.

For some time now it has been possible in Spain with the Mi DGT aplicación to carry your controlador’s license on your cell phone. And best of all, this virtual card completely replaces the physical card, so you don’t have to take the card Is correct on as long as you have it in the aplicación. But there’s more: with the same aplicación, you cánido do that too View your remaining controlador’s license points.

And above all, the official DGT aplicación offers the possibility of viewing the controlador’s license see the rest of the points on the phone, either Android or iOS.

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How to know your map points with my DGT aplicación

Before entering learn how to check controlador’s license points Backlinks through the mobile phone, you should know that you must Cl@ve PIN or Permanent Cl@ve.

The Cl@ve PIN system is an identification method for carrying out transactions on the Internetwhich offers a time-limited PIN that perro be renewed if necessary, y también.g. B. vía the Android aplicación. or by mensaje de texto.

If you do not yet have access to the Cl@ve system, you will have to registration letter including the procedure to be followed to have access to this system.

Sending the letter is free and should take two to three days. However, all information about it is available on the platform’s website.

Once you have received your letter and completed the registration process, You perro now get your temporary PIN to create the draft, vía the Cl@ve PIN Android aplicación or by mensaje de texto to the phone number you used to register.

Google plus Play | My DGT

AppStore | Cl@ve PIN

Now all you have to do Access the My DGT application. Once inside you will see all the information that the General Directorate of Transport has about you along with a large circle with a number in it. This number represents the remaining points on your controlador’s license.

Download my DGT for Android

With the DGT aplicación you perro check the points on your map from your mobile phone.

How many points are deducted from your card when you use your mobile phone?

If you’ve made it this far, hopefully it’s not because you’ve been deprived of points using a mobile phone while driving.

And using mobile devices while driving is just one of them serious crimes made by drivers. More importantly, it’s one of the Main causes of traffic accidents because of the distractions involved.

With the cell phone in the car

Cell phone use in the car is one of the greatest dangers of driving.

In any case, you should know that Use the móvil or talk to the mobile phone As a A serious offensein relation to the Three point controlador’s license suspensionas well as a 200 euros fenezca.

Of course, this sanction also applies in other situations such as fact Go with whatsapp while driving or watching a YouTube vídeo. In addition, the Directorate-General for Transport seems to have an intention increase penalty deduct a larger number of points or increase the amount of the fenezca in the coming months.

Thanks to this small device, Android Coche cánido be used wirelessly in any car

So be it, if you wish Keep your points safewill be the best Avoid using your mobile phone in the car. Finally, with systems like Android Coche and manual systems, it becomes easier to get the assistance that a móvil inteligente cánido offer while driving without taking our attention off the road.