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How to update your old mobile to Xiaomi 12.5


It happens to us in many aspects of our lives. We want to be up to date. We want to buy a house with new furniture, a state-of-the-art car, or some clothes or other fashion items. We also take this desire to be up to date to mobile devices. Some of us seek to always have the latest version on our mobile..

Unfortunately, companies stop updating our mobile devices sooner than we expect. Our old terminal can still be useful even if the company decides not to update it. For this reason, we can choose several options to have our device updated, but today we will focus on how to update our old mobile to MIUI 12.5.

5 mobile MIUI 12.5 and Enhanced Edition

MIUI 12.5 fixes version bugs. MIUI 12

Get out of MIUI 12 and its problems by updating from our terminal

All that glitters is not gold, and so Xiaomi surprised us with its update to Miui 12. MIUI 12 brought problems to our mobiles. After seeing how more problems were found over time, Xiaomi decided to create MIUI 12.5 with the intention of solve the problems that were with the last version. The only problem is that this version is not available for all devices. Let’s check if ours can be one of them.

To do this, we go to our terminal and we will change the region of our terminal. Ideally, look at the India region as it is usually one of the most up to date at the moment. To do this, we these steps:

  • We slide to settings on our mobile.
  • If we go down, we press additional settings.
  • Once inside, we will see the region.
  • We change the region of the device to india.
  • Changed the region, we look for updates.
MIUI region change

Menu to change region in MIUI

If the update skips us, we will have successfully completed this step and we will not need to do anything else to update our device. If not, we will explain other options below.

Update to MIUI 12.5 from the Xiaomi website

Another option we have is to update our terminal by directly accessing the Xiaomi website. through this website we will look for our terminal and we will seek to download the latest version of MIUI. In this case, we will look for it to be MIUI 12.5. We do this from our mobile directly to download the rom in our terminal like this.

Once the download is complete, we will have to go to our terminal and these steps:

  • We click on options.
  • We are going to our device.
  • Within this option, click on the MIUI version.
  • Click on the three option points in the new window.
  • We mark the option select an update package.
  • We look for the update.
Menu to update MIUI manually

From left to right, how to update to MIUI manually

Then we wait for the update to be installed and we will have the terminal downloaded. In case there are no updates available, it means that our device no longer has unofficial versions to download. We will therefore be left without the latest version of Miui officially.

There is always an alternative, so as not to have our terminal out of date, but in this case it requires install custom roms. For this we will additionally need to have the unlocked bootloader and install some tool like TWRP. As we can see, it is something advanced to do and that we do not recommend unless we have sufficient knowledge.

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