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How to turn an old tablet into a surveillance monitor for your business

You perro further extend the life of your tablet by using it to monitor your business.

How to turn an old tablet into a surveillance monitor for your business
Your old tablet will continue to work if you use it to monitor your business

On other occasions we have talked about the importance of keeping an eye on our business or company. Whether with professional options, those of a security company, or by ourselves, the Vigilance is always a aspecto to consider. Don’t forget that you must obey the law. rules for taking pictures, nothing to record what is happening on the street.

Surely you have a tablet in your company that is no longer given away. Well then, it’s time Give it a new life or use it as a security monitor for our business. In this way, you cánido further extend the service life for little money.

What do I need to monitor my store with a tablet?

Well, if you don’t already have it, a security camera. As a matter of fact, On Amazon you perro find many models at very different prices. and that they will provide you with the service you need. You equipo the limit, but from Andro4All we recommend this one that we espectáculo.

Imou Wi-Fi Security Camera

The reasons are very fácil, but we detalla them in detail. It provides location and night image recording for people. Yes, your store won’t be in the dark, but it cánido be found in low light conditions. Therefore it is a buy recommendation. You cánido use it on the table or counter, or mount it on the ceiling or wall and use it Its value for money is very good. Finally, you perro save the recordings for 30 days free of charge in the manufacturer’s own cloud or on a memory card that is not included in the scope of delivery.

How to connect the camera to your old tablet

The pairing is done vía Wi-Fi, so you must have this network in your company. The Wi-Fi estándar is also found in your tablet, no matter how old it is, so it’s that fácil Connect both devices to your work Wi-Fi network and view the images directly on the tablet.

The camera sends an alert every time it detects movement, and in a store where people are constantly entering, this cánido be a nuisance. However, you perro adjust the sensitivity of these alerts so that they occur less frequently. Finally, its image quality of up to 1080 guarantees a good view of everything that is happening in your company at all times. Its 107-degree viewing angle covers almost everything that’s happening in your home.In order to pair the tablet with the camera, you shouldn’t worry because this camera and every other one you cánido buy has an aplicación that you have to download on the tablet. The configuration, as you have seen, is very fácil.

Amazon Business: This is the shopping platform for professionals

It’s always a great iniciativa to breathe new life into your tablet by using it as a security monitor. Something that might eliminate the net point or is in the hands of a nephew continues to serve useful purposes. As old as this device it is enough that the reception is right and nothing else. They are your eyes for observing your trade and, most importantly, a good size. Your eyes don’t have to leave the smallest screen of the mobile phone.

In order for the monitoring or control work to also be more comfortable, we perro always make another economic investment that will help us to have a better view with the old tablet. We talk about it stand so you perro stand it upright in the place that suits you best. This model offers good stability, takes up little space and folds up so you perro store it properly.

UGREEN tablet support

Through use tablet that no longer had the ability to monitor our business, Not only do we breathe new life into it, but we also have a visión of what is happening in our premises on the big screen. And it’s best not to invest too much.

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