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How to schedule messages in Slack

Scheduling a message in Slack is easy and lets you stop worrying about sending a message at the exact moment.

How to schedule messages in Slack

Slack is one of the most effective tools for cross-team communication. With a fácil and responsive interfaz, members of different teams cánido connect with each other with questions. Scheduling messages in Slack is one of the most useful features, so we’ll espectáculo you how to do it. It’s very fácil and anyone cánido do it. Notice that we’ve started.

How to schedule messages in Slack

  • Before you perro schedule a message in Slack, you must select a usuario or channel. Remember that channels are teams of multiple people, so the aplicación perro create as many channels as you want.
  • Write the text of the message you want to program in the field. You’ll see an arrow next to the paper airplane icon that cánido be launched. clic her
  • A predicted date appears, in my case it’s Monday at 9am, and another personalized one. Select the one you want.
  • Once selected, press the paper airplane icon and the message will be programmed to send after selection.

How to delete a scheduled message

If for any reason you change your mind and escoge to remove the schedule for this espectáculo, do so.

  • In this channel, just above the text box, there is a hyperlink labeled “View All Scheduled Espectáculos”. clic it
  • You will see the message or the one you have in programming. From here you cánido editar, reprogram or delete it vía the pencil icon, which interests us. To do this, clic on the 3 dots.
  • If you clic on it, you will see the option to delete this message and it will not be sent.

Why scheduling a message in Slack is useful

because we give an important step when it comes to bringing work and private life together. Our employees and colleagues do not receive these messages beforehand when they are due. From your point of view, leaving a programmed message is a primordial freedom, since you don’t have to be in front of your computer or with your phone nearby.

Remember that workers belong to a company the right to digital shutdown, including those working remotely, as per Article 88 of the Organic Law 3/2018of December 5 and in Section 18 of the Law 10/2021from July 9, remote work.

Businesses must ensure this digital disconnection during employee rest periods, including summer vacations, while limiting the use of business communications through technological channels.

Is using Slack recommended?

We’ve often recommended Slack as a system for communicating with your employees, although there are other aplicaciones that perform afín functions with equal effectiveness. perhaps What sets Slack apart is that it’s easy to use, fairly intuitive, and gets up to speed quickly. But like all sites, you cánido try options like Microsoft Teams or Discord.

One thing that should never be done is using a messaging network like WhatsApp in work environments. It’s not productive or useful, agregado it’s the messaging aplicación we personally use. Distinguishing between the two situations involves using each aplicación for what it is intended for.

Scheduling messages in Slack is easy and best of all, If you learn it, you will use it often. There’s no excuse not to use Slack’s message scheduling because it has nothing but benefits.