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How to save battery in WhatsApp: what you should do and what not

Last updated on 01/10/2018 at 01:00

Saving battery on Android is something that users have been trying to do, with more or less success, for years. Many tricks don't work, and others work so lightly, that the results are never noticed.

Many times, we started disabling nonsense options, believing that we will save battery as well. Today, we teach you to save battery in WhatsApp, in a way that you really notice, and without losing the user experience.

How to save battery in WhatsApp, what you should not do

Disable notifications

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We are crazy? Doing a light search on the internet I have found websites advising to eliminate notifications to save battery. Basically, it is as if someone tells you that to save gas, it is best to turn off the car. WhatsApp is there to use, and for messages to reach you, so stop inventing.

Remove backup

“If you remove the backup you will save battery.” Yes? No. You are not going to save battery by removing the 30 seconds that WhatsApp takes to do once a day a security copy. Also, if you disable it, you run the risk of forgetting to do it yourself manually when you really need it, and that's a problem.

No matter how many files you have, the backup takes practically nothing to do. Also, you can select to have it done daily, weekly, or monthly. How much does one copy spend per month!

Save battery in WhatsApp, what you should do

Become aware that you need an OLED screen

Galaxy Note8

Do you want to save battery with an application? Buy yourself an OLED mobile. This is the only really noticeable way to save battery, mainly, with two variants. The first is put a black background in WhatsApp conversations. In this way, a large part of the screen will not be illuminated while you are talking to someone, and if you use WhatsApp a lot you will notice a good battery saving, by having only part of the screen active.


On the other hand, you must install Substratum, and install a black theme for WhatsApp. Thus, we substitute white for black, and again we will have only part of the screen illuminated. This is a real way to save battery with WhatsApp, and it will have an impact on your daily consumption.

Disable automatic media download

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This tip depends mainly on how much multimedia content you receive throughout the day. If they send you a couple of photos a day, you will not notice anything at all, because the impact of these files will not affect your battery.

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But nevertheless, if you are in many groups where photos and videos pass everywhereWhatsApp will be constantly downloading images in the background, and this does drain the battery. Do you know how downloads are disabled? Too easy

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Go to settings
  • Data and storage
  • Configure what will be downloaded in mobile data and WiFi

Apart from saving battery, you will save a lot of data if you configure this section correctly, so have enough account this trick if you want save battery in WhatsApp application.

There are no magic tricks, your battery is what it is

Battery info testM

We are quite obsessed with battery consumption, and the truth is that the impact of a single application is not usually decisive whether or not you finish the day of use with a good percentage of battery remaining. No matter how much you try to save, you will only get a few minutes of use.

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In the case of mobiles with OLED screens -AMOLED, P-OLED, SuperAMOLED-, Yes, there is a great saving, as long as we use the applications that we have themed in black for hours. If this is not your case, your only option is to disable the downloads, and stop worrying about the battery that this app uses.