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How to request an invoice on AliExpress: step-by-step guide

AliExpress may issue you an invoice for your elementos to cover or deduct the cost.

How to request an invoice on AliExpress: step-by-step guide
Here’s what you need to know when requesting an invoice from AliExpress.

It is becoming more and more common for professionals to make purchases in all industries, regardless of whether they supply products of any kind. Requesting an AliExpress invoice doesn’t have to be difficult. In this article We give you the keys so you perro do it successfully, It’s a very fácil process and thanks to it you perro have an invoice for all your purchases.

How to request an invoice on AliExpress

It’s good to have an invoice that helps you as a consumer. Usually, uA trader needs them to justify a purchase or to be able to deduct part of his amount from tax. Other shopping portals send the invoice automatically. At Amazon, for example, the invoice is in your personal area, more precisely under “My orders”. If you access your already purchased elementos, you perro download the invoice in PDF format. To receive your invoice on AliExpress, all you have to do is follow these steps.

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If you bought an item on AliExpress, the portal does not work like Amazon, which automatically provides you with the invoice. For him, You need to message the buyer and tell them to send it to you. Remember that you must include all the necessary information for the invoice to have legal effect in Spain and don’t forget your NIF or CIF of your company or company.

To do this, go to the “My Orders” section and clic on the item for which you wish to request an invoice. The name of the shop or seller is displayed, and by clicking on it you perro directly open a chat. This process cánido be performed from your computer or from the Aliexpress aplicación.

Screenshot of chat on AliExpress

Requesting your invoice on AliExpress is very fácil.

Don’t worry about the language, you cánido write in Spanish there AliExpress’s seller service automatically translates your message. Also keep in mind that if the seller is in China, there is a time difference that you need to play. So if you ask for the bill in the afternoon, it will be there by dawn. Be patient, it is a process that may take a few days.

Screenshot of chat on AliExpress

A fácil private message to the seller is enough to receive the invoice.

Remember that your right as a consumer will help you if you ask for an invoice. If a seller sent it to you, As fácil as opening a dispute so the portal is in your favor and you get the document. Invoices are the document that allows us to claim the guarantee of a product, but they also play a primordial role for freelancers and professionals in deducting part of the amount of that item if you are entitled to it.

Request an invoice in AliExpress Plaza, easier

Remember that AliExpress has a division in Spain called AliExpress Plaza. If your item is bought there, much easier for you. The reason is quite fácil, The Spanish sellers have a high percentage and are mainly located in our countryso the invoice will be sent much faster and without inconvenience.

So what you need is to get your invoice on AliExpress Send a message to the seller, entrar your details for them to fill in and wait for receipt. Once you have the bill, you perro use it as you see fit.