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How to remove Pinterest from Google: do it with this trick

Tired of Pinterest showing up in Google search results? Apply this trick and tell him, goodbye!

If when looking for something on the Internet the first thing that comes out is Pinterest, do not worry. There is a very easy trick to apply to remove Pinterest from Google without any problem.

Pinterest is a platform developed by Ben silbermann and launched on the market at the beginning of 2010. Its main objective is the dashboard creation and image collection of different themes making it a very visual social network that can be used to catch large audiences.

However, when looking for important information in Google search engines, this popular social network has become a powerful spammer, especially since it appears in the first search results and leaving below value and quality content.

How to remove Pinterest from Google: do it with this trick

For those whose browser of preference remains Mozilla Firefox, it is less complicated remove Pinterest from Google SERP. They only need to additionally install a complement external to solve your problems. But, in users of the popular Google Chrome browser, it is necessary to other guidelines that we will mention below.

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How to remove Pinterest from Google search results

Below, you can see the different tricks for remove or permanently remove Pinterest from Google. Get rid of spam by ing these steps from your trusted browser.

How to remove Pinterest from Google from Firefox

As we said earlier, to remove Pinterest from Google from your Mozilla Firefox browser it is necessary to install an extension, whose function is none other than that of remove Pinterest from search results forever.

If you don't install this Firefox add-on, the first thing you will see in your results is likely to be spam from Pinterest, which will logically slow down your search.

How to remove Pinterest from Google search results from Firefox

So you can block Pinterest from Mozilla Firefox

How to remove Pinterest from Google from other browsers

You may remove Pinterest from Google from other browsers and mobiles with a manual method, which you must apply every time you want to perform a specific search from Google search engines. In this case, do the ing:

How to remove Pinterest from Google search results from other browsers

This is how you can remove Pinterest from Google results: definitive method

  • Enter your browser of preference from PC or mobile.
  • Enter the keyword or information you want to search for. Ex: Best wallpapers.
  • The ing would be to add after the keyword a sign (-) and the domain Ex: Best wallpapers
  • Press ENTER.

What it will do Google will be looking for all the truly important results and remove Pinterest results forever. Don't forget to add the domain as shown in the example, including the “Www”.

It should be noted that this trick can not only be used to remove Pinterest from Google, but also to eliminate the results of any other web page and applies to all its sections (All, Images, Maps, Videos, News, More).

Another way would be installing the Google Chrome extension from the . Simply enter the store and enter the word in the search engine “Unpinterested> Add to Chrome”.

How to remove Pinterest from Google search results in chrome

Google Chrome extension to remove Pinterest forever from Google

Now we hope this trick to remove or remove Pinterest from Google has worked perfectly for you and you can get straight to the point without falling into the rabbit hole of Pinterest. If you liked this article, check out Android WebView issues: Google, Gmail, Pinterest, Outlook, TikTok, and PayPal affected.

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