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How to remove all notifications from Android phone: complete guide

Step by step we explain the different methods to remove all those annoying ads from brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, etcétera. from your Android phone.

How to remove all notifications from Android phone: complete guide
All notifications perro be removed from your Android, follow these steps to remove them.

In this guide, we explain the different methods available to you Remove all notifications from Android Mobile. This includes advertising the most annoying features that we perro find when using a móvil inteligente, since no usuario wants to constantly see advertising while using the terminal. However, any ads cánido be removed to use the phone freely.

Advertising is present in many parts of the phone, from the web browser to Fb, go through the implementation of messages. Manufacturers like it too Samsung and Xiaomi they also place their own ads on their terminals. Next, we will analyze in detail the presence of ads on Android mobile phones to explain how to get rid of them.

Completely eliminate ads from your Android phone

There are many services and applications on your Android phone where you perro find advertisements. Next we see how Remove the ads from each of these articles.

Remove pop-ups from Google chrome

Of course, while browsing Google plus Google chrome, you will find advertisements, not only as banner ads on the websites you visit, but also as pop-ups. is pop-up window they perro be really annoying complex to closeSo it is better to block them.

Fortunately, Google chrome has an automatic pop-up proxy. This tool may be disabled on your phone which will keep these ads showing. You perro go back Activate the Google chrome pop-up blockeror check if it is active after this operation:

  1. Open Google plus Google chrome on your mobile phone.
  2. Clic the three dots button in the top right.
  3. From the options menu, clic the section “Arrangement”.
  4. Accept “Page Settings”.
  5. Entrar “Pop-up Pieces and Repeats” and check that the box is disabled, because that means pop-ups cánido’t appear. You perro also entrar “Advertisement” see that the tool is disabled and therefore intrusive or deceptive ads are blocked.

If, after this check, pop-ups keep appearing on your phone while browsing with Google plus Google chrome, there may be something wrong Software malicioso is installed in your device. So, you must proceed to remove the virus from your phone.

Remove applications with ads

When you download third-party aplicaciones from Google plus Play Store or otherwise, they cánido flood your phone with advertisements in the form of ads and even full-screen ads when you have other aplicaciones open. Knowing what feature it is and being able to counteract it is what you need to do Open the multitasking screen. The last viewed aplicación is the one that espectáculos the aplicación and the one that is shown you have to close.

How to use Instagram without seeing ads

Another option to remove ads pay for the premium version of the application, ie subscribe to the paid version. This is usually the best option to get rid of ads while still enjoying the aplicación’s features.

After all, if you don’t support ads and don’t want to pay for the premium version, it’s better to remove aplicaciones with ads. Entering is that easy Settings > ApplicationsGo to the page of the application you want to delete and clic the button “Uninstall”.

Delete mensaje de texto contenido publicitario

The ads even appear in mensaje de texto on your phone, which is not in bad taste. However, Android messaging application blocks mensaje de texto contenido publicitario automatically from the end of December 2018, and this is another of the most interesting native features of this operating system. If you continue to receive ad-supported text messages, you perro follow these steps Activate the proxy or check if it is still active:

  1. Open the aplicación “Messages” on your phone.
  2. Clic the three dots button that appears in the right corner of the search engine.
  3. Entrar “Settings” and then entrar “Protection from contenido publicitario”.
  4. Check the box “Activate contenido publicitario protection”.
  5. Finally, on the main screen, you perro clic the three dots button again and entrar “Contenido publicitario and block” See which contenido publicitario messages have been automatically blocked by the messaging aplicación.

Remove ads from YouTube and Spotify

If you are a regular usuario of YouTube and Spotify, you know that these two uso contínuo platforms often espectáculo advertisements in their free versions. You must wait a few seconds before watching vídeos or listening to music You see or listen to the selected advertisement. If these ads are annoying you, there is an obvious solution: subscribe to paid versions both platforms.

On the one hand there is Premium YouTube, which allows you to skip ads, download content for sin conexión viewing, and watch vídeos in the background. This service offers you 100 months free to try for a fee 11.99 euros per month later. It should be noted that there are other ways to try YouTube Premium for free, so you cánido try these methods.

YouTube Premium on Android

With the YouTube Premium subscription, you cánido remove the ads.

If you intend to listen to your favorite music without ads, you perro subscribe to it Spotify Premium. Other advantages of this service are that you cánido skip any songs you want and download them to your devices for listening without internet connection. There are several ways to try Spotify Premium for free, so you cánido use it for a few days to see if you like the paid version. If you want the individual plan, it is chargeable €9.99 per month.

In short, it is the best option to remove ads from YouTube and Spotify Subscribe to some of their payment plans.

Remove Fb ads

Yes, there are also advertisements on Fb. It is enough to spend a few minutes browsing the popular network to see how the algorithm espectáculos personalized ads to its users. unfortunately, Ads cannot be completely removed by Fb as they are an integral part of the platform’s diet, but you perro achieve that these are not personal based on your information and personal interests. Here is the process:

  1. Open the Fb aplicación on your mobile phone.
  2. Clic on the menu with three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  3. Swipe down and entrar “Settings and Privacy”.
  4. Entrar “Arrangement”.
  5. Access in the “Permissions” section “Advertising Options”.
  6. Entrar the section “Ad Settings”top right, because here are the main sections for configuring the ads that Fb will espectáculo you.
  7. Access the section “Partner details too your activity” and disable all your accounts so Fb cánido’t collect data from them to espectáculo you personalized ads.
  8. Repeat this process with all tools “Advertising Preferences” for all choices related to the collection of personal data for advertising personalization.

Another way to remove Fb ads is to hide them directly when they appear in your feeds. This means that the company won’t espectáculo you the same ad again because you’ve confirmed that you’re not interested. So it’s possible Hide an ad when you see it on Fb:

  1. Clic the three dots button that appears in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select from the options menu “Hide notification”.
  3. State why you are not interested in the ad and it will be hidden forever.

Remove notifications from your Samsung phone

It’s one of the most negative points of Samsung phones, we say it often when we have the opportunity to analyze their models. We are referring to advertising that It perro be seen even on the most expensive mobile phones the signature At the moment there is no 100% effective way to remove these ads, but you cánido do something to avoid ads notifications on Samsung mobile phones.

Disable the customization service

It’s the first thing you perro do with your Samsung phone disable custom service so that the company no longer emplees your data to espectáculo you one or the other ad. This is exactly what you cánido do when you equipo up your Samsung Galaxy well for the first time, although it is habitual that you accept this service without knowing it beforehand.

To opt out of the personalization service, you cánido follow these steps:

  1. Open your mobile settings and tap your nombre de usuario to access your Samsung account settings.
  2. Entrar the section “Privacy”.
  3. Access the section “Customized Services”.
  4. Clear the check box “Personalize this phone”.

In the Personalization Services section, you perro also download the data that Samsung has collected about you, as well as remove them completely. Finally, you cánido also determine the signature Stop collecting data on all devices that you are connected to your Samsung account.

Get rid of ads

The most common way Samsung emplees to espectáculo you advertisements is through push notifications letting you know about them upcoming company releases, offers and other interesting information. Luckily, you perro disable these ads so they don’t bother you anymore. If you see any of these ads, you cánido do that block them forever if you long press

If Samsung didn’t send you but you still want to block them, follow these steps to do so permanently:

  1. Entrar your Samsung mobile settings.
  2. Access the section “Application”.
  3. Clic on “GalaxyWarehouse”.
  4. Entrar “Advertisement”.
  5. Clear the check box “Actions”which cánido also be called “events”.

You perro repeat this process with other Samsung applications that espectáculo you advertisements, such as B.Samsung Health. Go to Settings > Applications > Samsung Health > Notifications and Turn off commercial advertising. Little by little you cánido eliminate ads on your Samsung phone.

Remove ads from your Xiaomi phone

As with Samsung, one of the most negative aspects of Xiaomi teléfonos inteligentes is advertising. Ads are very common in MIUI, although you cánido make some changes to disminuye the presence of ads. To do this you must first make sure that your cell phone Connected to the Internet. Once this feature is verified, do this to remove ads from your Xiaomi phone:

  1. Entrar your Xiaomi mobile settings.
  2. Tap on “Passwords and Security”.
  3. Accept “Power of Attorney and Revocation”.
  4. Uncheck the “msa” box, you need to wait a few seconds before you perro clic the button “Revocation”. If the system tells you that this is not possible, try again until it allows you.

Another procedure that you must follow to remove ads from your Xiaomi mobile phone is the following:

  1. Entrar the Xiaomi mobile settings.
  2. Tap on “Passwords and Security”.
  3. Accept “Privacy”.
  4. Swipe down and entrar “Advertising Services”.
  5. Clear the check box “Recommendations for personal ads”.

By following the steps explained in all the previous procedures, you cánido say goodbye to the annoying advertisements that often ocupa your móvil inteligente. They are fácil methodsSo it will not take time to implement them Remove ads once and for all in different areas of the mobile phone.