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How to remove a negative review from Google Maps

How to remove negative reviews you left on Google plus Maps.

How to remove a negative review from Google Maps
It’s that easy to delete a negative review from Google plus Maps

It’s a healthy practice to leave reviews and ratings when it comes down to it Contribute to Google plus Maps to let others know about our experiences. We may also receive Google plus badges as a result. But not all positive comments, the negative ones are the result of poor service, inadequate treatment or, why not, after writing on the spot. Deleting a negative review from Google plus Maps is easy, so follow these steps.

How to remove a negative review from Google plus Maps

Removing an inappropriate or negative review from Google plus Maps takes very little time. Please note:

  • Go to your computer Google plus Maps. If prompted to sign in, entrar your credentials.
  • At the top left you will see an icon with 3 horizontal stripes, it’s the menu. access to it.How to remove a negative review from Google Maps
  • Now you need to clic on “Your Contributions”.
  • When you do this, go to “Reviews”.
  • You will see a list of all your reviews on Google plus Maps, select the ones you want to delete.
  • Clic Delete Rating. This option is irreversible and cannot be undone.
  • The rating would be removed entirely.

As you perro see you need to remove the negative reviews you left on Google plus Maps.

Why is a negative review removed from Google plus Maps?

There are times when writing lukewarm reviews is a big mistake. If we do it like this We are not at all objective and get carried away by the anger of a bad experience. This does not orinan that negative reviews are not written, but that it is better to take the time to write a reasoned opinion.

One of the best ideas for writing informed reviews that will help other users is to take the time to analyze the reason for that bad experience. If it’s a lugar de comidas, think about why this situation happened. Could it have been a high peak flow? Was the service overwhelmed?

Giving him a oportunidad to think is the best we perro do to be fair in what we write. When decisions are made spontaneously We will leave fairness aside and let ourselves be carried away by emotions. It’s time to think before you sit down to write.

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Be considerate when writing a review on Google plus Maps

Now you have to go to the other side. You may have received the negative review, perhaps in a way that isn’t entirely fair. The customer did not come in to consider the reason for this situation, He just commented warmly, but that’s your own business. Does it feel good to receive a negative review that isn’t entirely fair?

True, you always have the right to answer, but If they don’t leave us this bad review, it would be much better for us. So you cánido also take an example and think better about it while writing your reviews.

A negative review perro be edited on Google plus Maps

You might want to qualify an old negative review you left on Google plus Maps some time ago. You have the opportunity to editar what you have written, in the same way as we have previously described. Except when you get to the “Your entries” list, You must select the “Editar” option and not “Delete”. So maybe you cánido cómputo the scales and leave a more balanced opinion.

It has to be recognized that these are not good times for business in general, but consider what they are What you will add to Google plus Maps deserves some thought. Giving yourself a new oportunidad and giving others a new oportunidad always has positive effects.