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How to reduce or disable fast charging of your mobile phone to better save battery

Fast charging perro damage your mobile battery, weakening it and reducing its capacity. Here’s how to disable it or disminuye its performance.

You can reduce or deactivate the fast charging of your mobile phone in order to save the battery
Fast charging cánido damage your mobile phone.

Fast charging has often proven to be one of the greatest features drain our cell phone battery, causing its capacity to decrease over time. When, disminuye or disable this technology It perro greatly extend battery life.

Some device brands are aware of this problem and therefore offer the possibility Disminuye loading speed to prevent battery degradation.

And while others don’t offer this option, There are ways to “disable” fast charging. to charge our lower power terminals. In this guide we explain how to do it on each mobile phone.

Why fast charging cánido harm your mobile phone

Fast charging cánido be a very useful and convenient technology in the short term. Especially now that we already have technologies that exceed 100W of power and allow us to charge our entire mobile phone a little over half an hour.

But that’s the reality Among the many highlights of this technology, there are also some shadows. Various studies, such as one conducted by several Purdue University researchersYou espectáculo us how The technology of the batteries that power your current mobile phone is not fully developed yet to support such high charging powers and how its components degrade more with fast charging.

You cánido see in the animated image below these lines, taken from an X-ray scan of a rapidly depleting lithium-ion battery individual particles of the cathode of the batterywhere the ones in orange are damaged.

It was also recently shown how one of the currently most habitual fast charging technologies like the 125W flash charging system developed by OPPO cánido The batteries in our cell phones have run out.

According to the company’s own information The battery perro lose up to 80% of its capacity after 800 charging cycles with a maximum power of 125W. That’s where most of the people are Charge your phone every dayThat means that in just over two years, a fifth of the total capacity will be lost.

And when it comes to the results offered by the company, the Audits by external companies.

A A portal from Italy has tested the OPPO 65 W fast charger using laboratory tests. After the performance 248 charging cycles — a more than reasonable value for a year’s use with one device – at 65 W operation for 45 days was the loss of capacity 15% of the totala significant increase in degradation considering that OPPO claims losses of 9% after 800 charge cycles.

How to avoid or disminuye fast charging of your mobile phone

Google Pixel 2 XL fast charging

Slower charging of your phone perro help extend its usage time.

Under consideration of Dangers of fast chargingit perro be avoided from time to time or its maximum charging power cánido be greatly reduced extend shelf life our mobile phones by limiting battery drain.

Although Android doesn’t come with an option to limit or disable fast charging by default, there are quite a few Ways to “remove” this technology. on our mobile phones, whatever their brand. Here are some of the most effective:

Use a slower charger

Some phones include brands like OnePlus, Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi or OPPO Chargers with 30, 50 or up to 100 Wwhich cánido be useful in situations where We need to increase the battery level as soon as possible. But that doesn’t orinan we should always use them.

Since the vast majority of Fast charging systems support the USB Power Delivery estándarwe perro use Chargers or less powerful cables Charge our phones without damaging them.

USB power delivery what? | When we talk about USB-PD or Power Delivery, we orinan a charging estándar based on the USB interfaz. developed by USB-IF. It’s a “maleable” system that allows you to negotiate the power and charging speed based on the needs of each accessory and device using the same cable or charger.

Therefore, if your cell phone it accepts power up to 50W or morethere is no problem for Use an 18 or 20W charger to charge it: You still get more than enough charging speed and greatly disminuye battery degradation. Just make sure you’re using a good charger.

use a different cable

Fast charging is about three things: both the charger as well as the cable and the mobile phone itself They must support the same maximum charging power to perform the process at maximum speed.

If any of the three elements supports lower power, the charge is raised by that power. Therefore good a solution to avoid cellphone charging too fast if you don’t have another chargeris to be used different USB cable than the original.

Charge your mobile phone using the computer’s USB port

Probably You don’t have to overload quickly If you are used to charging your mobile phone at night. Therefore, no matter how slow the charge through the Computer with USB portThis cánido be one of the most effective ways to preserve our battery life and give it a break from the high charging rates of current charging systems.

Enjoy wireless charging

Not all phones include it, however Qi wireless charging mostly, slower than wired charging. This means less battery wear.

You have to be careful, yes. with the temperature that the phone perro reach while charging, because if it is high, wireless charging cánido be more dangerous than fast charging.

Disable fast charging on Xiaomi or Redmi phones

Xiaomi, like many other brands, The option to disable fast charging on your Mi, Redmi or POCO mobile phones is not included.

so if you want Disminuye fast charging on your Xiaomi or Redmi, whatever the modelYour only option is to complejo turístico to some of the suggestions that we have given you before and this works regardless of what mobile model you use, whether they are based on Android One like the Mi A2 or MIUI afín to the Redmi Note 8.

Disable fast charging on OnePlus mobile phones

OnePlus also doesn’t allow you to disable fast charging on your phone. However, some of their newer models include what is called an option optimized loadingthat learns from our usage habits and limits the exposure in those cases where we don’t need to use the mobile phone in the short term – for example while we sleep -.

To enable this feature, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Open the mobile settings and go to the “Battery” section.
  2. Activate the option “Optimized loading”.

Disable fast charging on Huawei mobile phones

He is The Huawei SuperCharge technology is integrated and activated as estándar in the brand’s devices. This means that fast charging cannot be disabled on a Huawei phone when you are not using it Charger or cable that is not included with the mobile phone.-

Disable fast charging on Samsung mobile phones

In contrast to the other, Samsung allows you to disable fast charging of your mobile phone or limit the speed. This option is included in most of the company’s newer handsets, regardless of their range, so it’s possible Disable fast charging on the Galaxy S10 or S20 in the same way as on the Galaxy A40 or A50. For this you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open Mobile Settings and go to the Device Maintenance section.
  2. Tap on “Battery” and then on the “Charger” section.
  3. Disable the “Fast charging” options if you want to limit fast charging, or the “Fast charging” and “Fast charging” options if you want to disable fast charging completely.

That’s the size. Now, Your Samsung phone will charge more slowly to avoid battery degradation.

Disable fast charging on OPPO or real cell phones

Also with some the fastest charging systems on the marketOPPO does not offer the possibility Disable fast charging of your mobile phoneand so this feature is also not included in Real or Vivo phones.

Your only choice if you want Charge your mobile phone more slowly It happens that the original charger or cable is exchanged for another one with a lower maximum power.

Disable fast charging on iPhone

Apple began to take into account “fast” chargers with their phones with the arrival of the iPhone 11 Pro, although its maximum power is “only” 18W.

Because of this, Apple doesn’t think it’s convenient contain an option to disable fast charging on iPhones. However, it applies optimized loading This works in a afín way to OnePlus, limiting the charge to up to 80% to avoid premature deterioration.

To enable this option you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the iPhone Settings and go to the Battery section
  2. Tap on “Battery health” and activate the option “Optimized battery charging”.
Optimized charging on iPhone

This will enable the optimized charging feature on the iPhone.

With the advancement of fast charging technologies defense systems more and more efficient and we will probably reach a point after that Fast charge does not need to be disabled to prevent our mobile phone batteries from deteriorating rapidly.

In the meantime, limit the charging power of our terminals perro be highly recommended if it is our iniciativa to keep them for several years. That is, or change the battery with a certain frequency to continue enjoying the mobile like the first day.

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