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How to read deleted WhatsApp messages in a simple way

Last updated on 12/15/2017 at 18:23

You will know that a long time ago, WhatsApp decided to add the option of deleted messages to its application. The system has some security flaws, that users can take advantage of to read without too many problems the messages that they have sent us and that they have deleted afterwards.

You don't need to get into weird menus or make strange settings, as always, with a single application and in a simple way you can do the whole process. So to mess if you want to know how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp, look a little further down.

So you can read deleted messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Android

We already told you a while ago, thanks to AndrodJefe that the vulnerability of WhatsApp is that the notification is saved in the notification log, so if they send you a message, even if they delete it, it's saved there. The truth is that accessing this registry can be somewhat tedious, but there is a fairly simple way to do it, Do you want to know how?

Downloading Notification History, you can access the entire notification log in a fairly visual way. That is, if they have sent you a WhatsApp message and have deleted it, just by opening this application, you will be able to see the message that they have sent you, without the slightest problem.


Android saves the notification as soon as it arrives, thus recording the text that has reached you -although there is a certain character limit-, so you can see it without problems. So you already know, If you want to know what content that message that they have deleted had, you can see it with this app. Obviously, it works from the moment you install it, so you cannot see messages prior to installing the application. Use the app at your own risk, if a contact deletes a message, they think it's for some reason.