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How to react to a message on Telegram

Telegram already allows you to react to messages. So you can easily do it in your chats.

The latest major update to Telegram introduces the ability to react to messages. This function, inspired by other messaging applications, allows you to transmit feelings or responses in chats without having to send a new message.

Reactions have become one of the most highly rated functions by users of messaging apps. So much so that even WhatsApp will include them in its app. If you are a Telegram user and want to start using this feature, we explain how you can do it step by step.

Reaction to a message on Telegram.

How to react to a message on Telegram

If you use Telegram, you can react to any message sent in a private chat. In the case of groups and channels, the reactions should be enabled by administrators.

That said, the process to react to a message is very simple: you just have to tap on the message you want to react to, if you use Android, or perform a long press on it if you use iOS, and choose one of the emojis that are offered. You can see more types of reactions by swiping right on the reaction balloon.

How to send a quick reaction

In addition to the classic way of reacting to messages, Telegram has also added a useful function called “quick reaction“Thanks to it, it is possible to send a default reaction quickly, without having to open the reaction menu.

For react quickly to a message, just double tap on it. Also, you can change quick reaction type within the application settings, in the “” Chats “section, and from there in the” Quick reaction “option.

How to react to a message on Telegram

It is necessary to indicate that all chat participants will be able to see the number of reactions to a message through a counter that will appear right next to the emoji that represents each reaction.

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