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How to know the speed of your mobile processor in real time

We show you how to quickly find out how fast your mobile processor works.

Today the mobile phone is used for countless tasks, it is no longer simply a means of communication, it has also become a tool for work, research, study and even a mini entertainment center, in which we can enjoy so much from video games like movies or any other form of hobbies.

Due to this, we need our mobile to have a good capacity to memory and speedbut how do you know the speed of the processor of our mobile? We are going to talk about that today, we are going to tell you about different ways in which you can find out this information.

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See the processor speed from the mobile

Some mobiles have the information about the processor and its characteristics easily accessible from the configuration section, but this depends on each manufacturer, so it is not the same in all cases.

In some mobiles you can find the information by following these steps:

  • Open the settings from your mobile.
  • Select the option .
  • Within this section open .

From here you can see the operation of the CPU and its cores in real time.

In the image that follows, you can see the operation of an 8-core processor, observing these data allows us to know if the processor it is working with the expected performance.

So you can see the speed of the mobile processor in real time from the phone settings.

If your mobile does not allow you easy access to this information, there are third-party applications that you can download to help you see how fast your device's processor is running.

Here are some options.

Applications to know the speed of the mobile processor

The applications that are used to measure the performance of a mobile phone take its demand to the limit, in order to know how the processor responds under pressure. These apps run several processes at the same time to test the efficiency and response speed of said component.

Some of the applications that you can find in the Google Play Store are these:

Geekbench 5

How to know the speed of your mobile processor in real time

Geekbench 5 shows the processor speed in real time.

This app is designed for measure CPU performance quickly and accurately in real time based on foreground and background application usage metrics and multitasking response.

3D Mark

How to know the speed of your mobile processor in real time

3DMark relies on historical usage data to learn more about processor performance.

This app executes tasks that allow you evaluate mobile CPU and GPU performance in real timeAt the end of the evaluation, it provides a score and a series of graphs, lists and classifications that show relevant information about the performance of the phone or tablet.


How to know the speed of your mobile processor in real time

CPU X displays complete information about the device, such as the processor,
cores, speed, model, RAM, camera and sensors.

It shows complete information about the different components of the mobile or tablet, such as the processor, cores, speed, model, RAM, camera, sensors, etc.

It also tests internet speed, monitors battery, device temperature, etc.

Device Info

Device Info can display CPU information, RAM, OS, sensors, storage, battery, etc., showing in real time the resources used by running apps and the response of the mobile's internal components.

Phone Test

How to know the speed of your mobile processor in real time

Phone Test can automate controls to test the operation of the phone or tablet processor.

Phone Test performs a series of tests and controls that allow quickly check if the processor is working properly. It also allows you to obtain information on other aspects such as memory, storage, battery, mobile networks and Wi-Fi status.

CPU Throttling Test

How to know the speed of your mobile processor in real time

CPU Throttling Test allows a complete real-time monitoring, including the oscillation of the mobile's temperature.

Show the real-time processor performance With graphs that include maximum, minimum and average level measurements, it also allows you to track the performance of the CPU and cores by monitoring the variation in the temperature of the device.

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