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How to have the COVID Passport on your Android mobile

We explain, step by step, how to have the COVID Certificate on your smartphone.

With the current restrictions imposed due to the constant increase in Covid-19 cases, both to travel and to access the hospitality premises of some Autonomous Communities we are requested present the COVID Certificate or COVID Passport, a document that certifies that we are already vaccinated with the complete schedule or that we have already passed the disease.

So that you do not have to worry about carrying the COVID Certificate always printed on top, we are going to explain, in detail, how to have the COVID Passport on your Android mobile.

For this, we are going to tell you clearly and concisely how to download the COVID Certificate in your terminal and how to add it, later, to Google Pay, the Google payments application to locate it more easily.

You can now take the COVID Passport with you wherever you go

How to download the COVID Passport on your mobile

In order to download the COVID Passport on our Android smartphone, we will first have to request it, something that we can do in two ways, which we will detail below.

This is how the Covid passport and the QR code that it will generate on the mobile will work

The first way to request the COVID Certificate is to enter the website created by the Ministry of Health for this task and access it through your digital certificate, the [email protected] permanent or Self-Signature program. To carry out this task, this guide on how to use your mobile as an electronic ID reader will be useful.

The second way to apply for the COVID Passport is do it, directly, to your Autonomous Community using the web pages or applications of the health service of each of them:

This is how COVID-19 has changed the main social networks

Once the COVID Certificate has been requested, it will be sent to us in a PDF file in which we will find a QR code, which we can download to take it on our mobile or on any other device.

How to add the COVID Passport to Google Pay

Once we have downloaded the COVID Passport on our mobile device, we can add to Google Pay as one more card ing a few simple steps, as we have already told you recently.

First of all, we need an application to bring the COVID Certificate to our virtual wallet because the Google payments app does not allow to incorporate cards by QR code. For it, we download and install the Pass2Pay app, whose direct download link in the Google Play Store we leave you at the end of this article.

Once the application is open, we are shown a menu in which we must select one of the ing options: Open PDF file or Open image and we will do this depending on the format in which we have downloaded the certificate on our mobile.

How to have the COVID Passport on your Android mobile

Once we have selected one of the two options, a screen will appear in which we will have to find the file of our COVID Passport and click on it. If you have the certificate hosted on the Downloads folder, it will appear to you at the first sight.

Once the file has been chosen, a screen will appear asking us if we want to use the text identification and in which we must click on To accept for the application to be able to detect the certificate's QR code.

Once this is done, we will go to a screen where we will see how the app analyzes the content of our certificate, including the QR code on it. Once the scan of our certificate is finished we will have to click on the button Use result to use the QR code of our COVID Passport.

Next, a screen will appear in which the application will inform us about the use of cookies and that to be free, it will share our personal data with its advertisers. At this point, we will have to click on the button Yes, I agree to see personalized ads to accept these conditions, since, if we do not do so we will have to go through the box to be able to use this application.

On the next screen we will have to fill in all the boxes marked with an asterisk, but do not worry because it is enough for you to put in each one of them a description of what we are saving, such as COVID Certificate or COVID Passport. This is the name that will appear in Google Pay once we have added it as a card.

Once you fill in all the fields, scroll all the way down to the application, without touching anything else and click on the option Save to phone that appears with a Google logo on the right.

How to have the COVID Passport on your Android mobile

Finally, you will get a screen very similar to the previous one with the message Saved in Google Pay which will indicate that your COVID Passport has already been correctly added and if we enter the Google application it will appear a card with the name that we have given you previously.

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