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How to get the new legendary of Clash Royale, the Mega Knight for free

We are facing one of the games with the most active users around the world, Clash Royale. The Supercell video game has been a success, of that there is no doubt, and that is that it does not stop innovating and introducing news and new letters so that it is not so monotonous.

This weekend we have something new, a letter, but not just any one, it is about Mega Caballero, the new legendary of Clash Royale. How do you get it? That's what we have come to, to show you how you can get it, let me tell you that it can be yours from completely free of charge, find out how!

Get free the new legendary Clash Royale

We are not lying to you when we say that the new legendary can be obtained completely free of charge, you can enter the game and see that it is true. Supercell has created an event for this weekend, which will start the Saturday, August 25.

You simply must win this tournament, getting twelve victories in the challenge. The best of all is that the first participation is free, so form your deck well and Go for the Mega Knight defeating everyone who stands in your way.

new legendary mega knight clash royale

The new legendary is something similar to the already known knight, however, this new card does not gain momentum to go after his enemies, jump four or five squares to reach them quickly. Anyway, if we don't get the new legendary and we fall by the wayside, we will have other rewards for reaching a certain number of victories, here we leave it:

  • Get 2 wins: 1500 gold coins.

  • Get 5 wins: 100 gems.

  • Get 8 wins: giant chest of the arena in which we find ourselves.

  • Get 10 wins: 15,000 gold coins.

  • Get 12 wins: the legendary of the Mega Knight

So now you know, prepare your deck well, increase the level of all the cards already for all, A new legendary is waiting for you to integrate into your army!