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How to get free loot boxes in Call of Duty: Mobile, all the ways

This is how you can get Loot Boxes totally free and easy in COD: Mobile.

Like other free-to-play titles, Call of Duty: Mobile developers are required to profit from the game through micropayments, with which players can purchase Battle Passes, Weapon XP Cards, Skins, and Lots or Loot boxes. Between these, one of the things most desired by users, are the Loot Boxes, since with them you can get a variety of objects and accessories that are very useful for any type of player and also, you can find rare characters from Call of Duty: Mobile.

However, to obtain them you must have COD Points, which are obtained only with real money. However, there are ways to get the Loot Boxes totally free and in an easy way as earning free credits. Next, we leave you the steps you must take to be able to acquire many without investing a penny.

What are Call of Duty: Mobile Loot Boxes

Premium Box – COD: Mobile

Loot Boxes are items that can be found in the Call of Duty: Mobile Store, they usually have an approximate price between 110 and 720 COD Points. These contain a variety of items, of which you can only obtain one, and its value will depend on the type of rarity it has. It should be noted that in each box category there are different probabilities to get rare things, you can see more details in the following information.

Seasonal Weapon Box

  • Rare Item (blue): 40.70%.
  • Unusual Item (green): 58.00%.
  • Exceptional Item (purple): 1.30%.

Gesture Box

  • Rare Item (blue): 99.00%.
  • Exceptional Item (purple): 1.00%.

Daily Box

  • Unusual Item (green): 67.00%.
  • Rare Item (blue): 33.00%.

It must be considered that these are only the classics, also in the Store in the Boxes sectionThey usually appear under other specific names and their probabilities and prices are constantly changing.

How to get loot boxes without paying for them

How to get free loot boxes in Call of Duty: Mobile, all the ways

After having learned a little more about Loot Boxes, we can now go to the most important. Getting them for free is as simple as press the “view” icon located at the top left of the screen, an announcement video will open and when it is finished you will be awarded a Loot Box. To open it, you just have to go to your inventory and use it to get your reward.

This action can be repeated up to 5 times a day, so being constant, surely you can get many for free. Without a doubt, it is a way to earn better skins in the game and also to get probably rare accessories.