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How to connect your Android phone to computer step by step

We explain in detail the steps you need to follow to connect your Android mobile phone to your computer both vía a USB cable and wirelessly.

How to connect Android phone to computer step by step
Find out all the ways to connect your Android mobile phone to your computer

Teléfonos inteligentes have evolved into true handheld computers, but despite this, you may still need to connect your mobile device to a computer to transfer archivos such as documents, photos or vídeos from a computer to a mobile phone or to back up photos from your móvil inteligente to your computer.

For this reason we come today to tell you in detail, This is how you perro connect Android phone to PC vía wired and wireless.

Here’s how to connect your Android phone to your computer with a cable

The easiest way to connect your móvil to the computer is the cable that you use to charge the mobile phone USB-C or Micro USB port (although this type of connection has almost disappeared) on the one hand and USB-A portthat’s the one that plugs into the connector at the other end.

Next you need to check if the original cable is mobile not damaged or defective, because in this case a good connection will not be established and the computer will certainly not recognize your mobile phone. If this happens to you, you have no other choice buy a new oneand we encourage you to check out our picks for the best USB-C cables for Android.

After making sure that the connected cable is in good condition, here’s what you should do next Connect the end with USB-A to one of the ports on your computer and the other end to the charging port on your móvil.

This defaults to the mobile phone It loads but you cannot access its contents, since you have to configure it on the móvil inteligente for this. So what you should do now is to unlock your móvil inteligente, espectáculo the notification panel and clic on the option Device charged with USB.

Touching this option will bring up a new window with two sections: Call USB controlled by and another call Use USB too in which they will appear to you five options:

  • Archivo Transfer / Coche Android: This is the most commonly used method Transfer archivos between your mobile phone and the device you are connected tobetween a computer and your car’s Android Coche system
  • Share USB connection: If you activate this option, you create an access point with your móvil inteligente so that it It will be a módem to which you perro connect other deviceswhich connects to the internet vía your terminal’s Wi-Fi or mobile data connection
  • MIDI: This is a method aimed at musicians as it allows them to use the mobile phone as such USB host for connecting instruments or computers to the MIDI estándar (interfaz for digital musical instruments)
  • PTP: This stands for Picture Transfer Protocol, a estándar protocol that allows you Just transfer the photos from your mobile phone to the computer
  • Do not transfer data: As the name suggests, if you enable this option, when you connect the mobile phone to the computer using a USB cable, the latter will You don’t have access to first person internal storagesince your móvil inteligente is only being charged
Connect Android PC Gallery1

Open the notification panel, clic on the option “Charge device vía USB” and select the option “Archivo transfer / Android Coche”

So if you want to transfer archivos between the mobile phone and the computer, you have to select the first option, Archivo transfer / Android Coche, and immediately a window will appear at the bottom of your computer with the name Your pocket will tell you that You now have access to the archivos stored on your móvil inteligente from your computeras if it were an external hard drive.

Connect Android PC-1

When you clic on the “Archivo Transfer/Android Coche” option on your mobile phone, a window with your mobile phone name will appear at the bottom right of your computer

Once this is done, all you have to do is open the archivo explorer on your computer and see the option this team and entrar the new storage option shown with your phone name. You will see a backlink to the title Shared internal storage and if you double clic on it with the mouse you will see all folders of the internal memory of your móvil.

Connect Android PC-2

Go to your computer’s archivo manager and view the “This computer” option

Connect Android PC-3

Entrar your mobile name section

Connect Android PC 4

Double-clic “Internal Shared Storage” with your mouse to access the archivos stored on your móvil inteligente

This is a quick and easy way to transfer archivos from your computer to your mobile phone or vice versa as you only need Copy them from one folder to another.

How to connect your Android phone to your computer wirelessly

You cánido also connect your móvil inteligente to your computer no wires requiredUsing two wireless connections that are included in all computing devices: WiFi and Bluetooth. If you have a computer without WiFi or it is broken, you perro always check out our list of the best USB WiFi adapters on the market.

Next, we will tell you how to connect mobile phone to computer vía Wi-Fi with the AirDroid aplicación and by not using Bluetooth no third party aplicación.

How to connect a mobile phone to a computer vía WiFi

In the Play Store you cánido find a variety of applications for transferring archivos between your móvil inteligente and your computer, but I’ll talk about them The aplicación I usually use: AirDroid.

AirDroid is the most used Android aplicación to connect mobile phone to computer and to use it you just have to use it Open it and sign in with your Google plus, Fb, or Twitter account.

Once this is done, you need to clic on the option AirDroid website what is in the tab Deviceswhich in turn is located within the article translation and clic the button Scan a QR code.

mobile gallery AirDroid1

Sign in to the AirDroid aplicación and press the “AirDroid Web”, “Scan QR code” and “Sign in” buttons one after the other.

Next you need to gain access Airdroid website On your computer, point your mobile phone at the QR code that appears on the same cover and clic the button again registration.

AirDroid PC-1

AirDroid website allows you to manage archivos, photos, contacts and even aplicaciones from your computer

After following these fácil steps, you will be able to access and manage all content on your mobile phone from your computer Archivos, photos, contacts, messages and even the applications you have installed.

Google plus Play Store | AirDroid

How to connect mobile phone to computer vía Bluetooth

The second method to connect your mobile phone to the computer without cables is to use the Bluetooth connectivity of both devices and for this the first thing you have to do Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your mobile phone and computer.

To complete this task, you just have to use the mobile phone Pull down the notification panel to see if Bluetooth is on or not and on the computer follow these fácil steps:

  • Type in the Windows search tool Bluetooth
  • Left-clic the button Bluetooth and other device settings
  • Check if the option switch is on Bluetooth It’s in action

Entrar the word “Bluetooth” in the Windows search function and clic on the “Bluetooth and other devices settings” button.

bluetooth computer 2

Make sure Bluetooth activation verification is enabled

If you have never connected your móvil inteligente to your computer vía Bluetooth, then in the next step clic on the button add deviceclic on the option Bluetooth and select your mobile phone from the list below.

bluetooth computer 3

Clic the Add Device button.

bluetooth computer 4

Clic on the Bluetooth option.

bluetooth computer 5

Select your mobile phone from the list

Once this is done you will receive a pairing notification on your móvil inteligente and to accept it you have to press the button pair and connect and titled in the floating window that appears after the tick Allow access to your contacts and call history and clic the button Game.

Bluetooth gallery for mobile devices

Clic the Pair and Connect button, tick the box to allow the computer to access your contacts and calls, and clic the Pair option.

Now your computer and mobile phone are connected vía Bluetooth and you cánido Transfer any type of archivo from one to another easily and quickly.