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How to change the language in Roblox

Don’t let language be an obstacle to enjoying Roblox and getting the most out of it.

How to change the language in Roblox
These are the steps to change language in Roblox

Roblox It has established itself as one of the most habitual en línea multiplayer games in recent years and cánido have a large community find it in different languages.

so when you play Roblox and you search change it to your native language, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will espectáculo you what to do change roblox language in several steps.

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So you perro change the language in Roblox

Roblox It’s a vídeo game that takes the default Operating system language where it is installed. However, sometimes it usually changes its original language: Anglo-Saxon.

In these cases, follow the steps below change roblox language from computers and cell phones.

from computers

  • Entrar Roblox from a computer.
  • Clic on the Roblox logotipo on the top left.
  • Various options will appear, clic on the option “Settings”.
How to change Roblox language on computers

Entrar the Roblox game and look at the configuration option from a computer

  • Find the option “Language of Experience” and clic on the language.
  • All available languages ​​will be displayed, double clic on the preferred language.
2-How to change Roblox language on computers

Select your preferred language on your computer

Now wait a few seconds for the language change in game and done. Keep in mind that many of the Minigames available on the platform they are in English.

From Android and iOS

It’s no secret to anyone Roblox It is available for multiple platforms including mobile devices. Fortunately, if you have it installed on your mobile phone, you should translate into native language.

  • Entrar Roblox and log in from your phone.
  • When the game starts clic on the Roblox icon which is located on the top left.
  • Now clic on the option “Settings” and see article “The Language of Experience”.
Change Roblox language on mobile

Entrar the Roblox game and see the settings option of Android and iOS

  • Finally, clic on the language to see all the options and select it choice of language.
Change Roblox language on phone-2

Choose your preferred language from your mobile phone

as you will see change roblox language It doesn’t take long, just follow each of the steps and you’ll have the game in your native language.

If you enjoyed this article and like all things Roblox, it’s a good iniciativa to add more protection to your account by changing your password and adding 2-Step Verification.