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How to broadcast live on Twitch from your mobile

That's how easy you can stream from your mobile on Twitch.

The live broadcasts They are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to professional gamers or those who simply like the world of gaming. Therefore, there are multiple platforms that help you create and transmit quality content to generate large audiences.

One of them is Twitch, one of the live streaming platforms largest globally, and although it is a service similar to YouTube, it is focused more on the video game broadcasting and it has a more attractive remuneration system.

How to broadcast live on Twitch from your mobile

Now generally you can broadcast live on Twitch from a computer games of all kinds (Xbox, PlayStation, PC), but what if you want to stream directly from your mobile device.

If you want to try the best Android games such as Call Of Duty Mobile, Pokémon Go, Mobile Legends and also stream your games on Twitch from a mobile device, it is necessary to install an external application, which is perfectly synchronized with Twitch and you will help broadcast video games from your smartphone.

This is the Facebook app for video game streaming to end Twitch and YouTube

How to stream live from Twitch on Android mobiles

  • BitStream
  • Mobcrush
  • Streamlabs

Taking advantage of the boom of gameplayThere are many users who are looking for ways to stand out and reach a promising audience, either for fun or as a source of income.

And although naturally, in Twitch and YouTube we see live broadcasts of tabletop games, this time we will tell you how to stream on Twitch from your Android mobile with BitStream, Mobcrush and Streamlabs.

BitStream – Live Streaming

BitStream live stream

BitStream enables live streaming on multiple platforms

BitStream is an application that allows streaming videos on multiple platforms, where the platform mainly stands out Twitch Y Youtube in 4K quality. To do this, logically you must have the application downloaded and installed Twitch on your mobile device and a good Internet connection to avoid falls.

If you meet these requirements, download the app BitStream and the transmission process begins. When entering the application you will see 4 streaming options (RTMP Server, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube), at this point you must do the following:

  • Click on the button Twitch.
  • It will then show the Twitch servers. Select the one that is closest to your locality or region.
  • Select the quality and fps corresponding to the resolution of your video.
  • Press the rectangle icon with an arrow to change the source of the broadcast. You will see a pop-up window, press “Main source” and later “Screen”.
  • Accept the changes and you're done. From that moment on, the streaming broadcast on Twitch from your mobile.

Is a very effective application and with a easy to control interface. And although it is not available in the Google Play store, it is still a good alternative to stream live from Twitch on Android mobiles.


Mobcrush is an application similar to BitStream which works well for broadcast and stream videos on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Mobcrush or Twitch from Android. The procedure is very easy and has guaranteed compatibility with Nexus 5 and 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Edge and S6 + smartphones with more to be added soon.

To use it correctly, you must do the following process:

  • Download and install Mobcrush on your Android or iOS mobile.
  • Register as a new user, either with your email, Facebook or Google.
  • If it is the first time you must grant all access permissions.
  • Then sync your account Twitch with the app by pressing the button Go Live.
  • In addition, you will be able to choose the game among several options, place a transmission title, choose the bitrate and activate content privacy.
  • At the end of the configuration, click on “Start your broadcast” and ready.


Last but not least we have Streamlabs, a platform for stream live videos from your mobile and that syncs perfectly with other platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and more.

Its interface is not complex at all and is available for free in the official Android store: Google play. Its operation is similar to the previous apps and allows you to stay connected with your fans from the comfort of your mobile. To do this, simply:

  • Download and install Streamlabs.
  • Upon entering, it will ask you where you want to transmit from. Press “Log in With Twitch”.
  • Enter Twitch username and password.
  • Configure your live broadcast options, activate the necessary alerts and select the closest server to your area or region.
  • When finishing the settings, press the Red button to start live streaming.

Without a doubt, it is a good application for broadcast live on Twitch from your mobile and that perfectly fulfills its function.

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