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How to avoid spoilers for Star Wars (or any movie or series)

The moment that every Star Wars fan has been waiting for has arrived: Today is the premiere of the eighth installment of the famous saga, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Possibly you already have your ticket to go to the premiere, and if so, bravo for you. If you haven't got a ticket for today, I'm sorry to tell you that you are threatened at all times by something worse than death: spoilers.

I speak from experience, because when they released the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens I ate the biggest spoiler from the site I least expected: in a comment on a photo of Eminem on Instagram.

I remember it as if it were yesterday: “Han Solo dies ¯/ ¯ “. Since then I decided that I would never ever swallow a spoiler again of any movie or series that interested me, and I have succeeded.

Therefore, today, on this very important date, I would like to teach you not to eat any spoilers.

Since the main spoiler sources are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and some Internet pages, I'm going to show you how to block spoilers using keywords.

Notice that it is a job that requires time and perseverance, and that it will take a while. Of course: it will be worth it.


We start with the simplest. Twitter has several options to mute words and accounts, and I'm going to teach you to use both.

The bead filter is very easy to use. You simply have to go to the accounts that usually publish spoilers (if you follow one, which would be a bit inconsistent), accounts of your friends who have seen the movie, etc., click on the settings button and click on “Mute”.

The user will not know that he has been silenced and you will save yourself a disappointment.

The following is the keyword filter. Just go to Setting, then Privacy & Security, go down to Silenced words and add all the keywords you want to mute.

I have put the names of the protagonists, the word “dies” and Star Wars, so I heal from fright. Twitter ready, we continue.


Instagram has the problem that it is full of kids who think they are very funny doing spoilers in the comments – I have a lot of hatred inside me, yes.

But nevertheless, you can avoid watching spoilers by using comment filter that Instagram implemented long ago.

You just have to go to Setting, go down to where it says Comments and put all the keywords you want.

In the captures you have the ones that I have put.

So, when you leave everything well configured, Instagram will hide the words you have set and if someone puts a comment that says “X person dies”, having muted the word “dies” it will not appear.

Goodbye, spoilers on Instagram. Be careful, this only works in your publications, not in those of others, so be careful with going down to the comments, to see if you are going to find any surprises.


Google spoilers star wars

It's complicated on Google, since filtering Google's content borders on the impossible. A simple, if tedious, trick is to use “-keyword” (without the quotes) when you do a search.

If you search “Movies to watch on the weekend -Star -Wars” it will show you results that do not include Star or Wars, but of course, it can be a bit heavy if you have to do it for all searches.

For Game of Thrones, for example, they developed an extension for Google Chrome (desktop version) that hid all the spoilers of the series, but for Star Wars there is nothing like it.

However, it is rare to find spoilers on Google unless you read reviews on the webs. My recommendation is that you try not to reach the comments, because that is where you will find all the spoilers.


Things get even more complicated. Words cannot be muted on Facebook, so we gamble a bit if we use this social network.

From the mobile it is impossible to filter the content we see, so caution is the only tool we have to avoid eating any spoilers.

Simply stop following people who usually post spoilers and mark as “I'm not interested” posts about Star Wars, so Facebook will understand that you are not interested and will show you less.

If you use Google Chrome there is an extension that can be used to filter Facebook, and although the comments claim they work, it only works on desktop systems and frankly I don't trust installing an extension that reads my Facebook.

If you want to look for it, you can surely find it by searching Google. What I do to avoid seeing spoilers on Facebook is to try to enter less.

It sounds absurd, but it is what it is.