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How to add music to photo step by step

Add music to your favorite photos.

How to add music to photo step by step

Add music to your photos Your favorites and creating an animation or a vídeo with them, you perro breathe new life into the pictures you love so much and that you want to keep or share with friends and family.

It is already very common to add photos to music in WhatsApp Status or Instagram Stories.

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Today we are going to tell you about some aplicaciones and websites that have the necessary tools so that you perro create beautiful creations together photos and music Share them on any popular network or save them as memories. We also explain it to you step by step to make everything much easier for you.

  • Websites with music for your photos
  • How to send music from your phone to your photos

Websites with music for your photos

The ability to create your own vídeos and add background music to them from a website gives you the benefit of not having to install any aplicaciones, just drag and drop the images you want to use and do nothing else.


Add music to a photo

Kapwing adds music to your photos and turns them into a vídeo.

Easily convert yours photo in a nice vídeo with music Background and visual effects, then step by step.

1 – Load or drag the desired image or images. You perro also paste a dirección de Internet from the web of images.

2 – Then you cánido resize the image or crop it if you want. In this step you perro also equipo the length of the vídeo, add music and equipo the background color. If you have uploaded multiple images, arrange the order so that the presentation is perfect.

3 – When all settings are done, just clic on the button Export and the vídeo is produced in MP4 format.

This site is completely free to use and no download is required. The images are stored in the cloud, so you perro access them from any device.


Add music to a photo

With Clideo you cánido easily add music to your photos without downloading anything.

This site allows Add music and other effects to images that you have stored on your computer or mobile phone.

It’s very easy to use and since it’s en línea, you don’t have to download anything.

1 – Clic on the button Upload data and load the photos you want to use from any device.

2 – Once the images are loaded, arrange them in the order you want, add the sound and you perro crop and adjust the vídeo as you like or even add transition effects.

3 – Then clic on the button ExportAfter a few seconds you will see the result on screen and you perro play it to see if it was as expected.

4 – Finally you perro save the result on your device or on Google plus Drive or Dropbox.

Clideo is completely free and also offers paid services if you want more features or more storage space.

How to send music from your phone to your photos

google plus photos

Add music to a photo with Google Photos

Add music to your photos and create movies with Google plus Photos

Google plus Photos is the classic aplicación that comes preinstalled on most Android phones. With it you perro create your own themed movies and Add music and other effects to your photos.

1 – Open the aplicación on your mobile phone or sign in if you haven’t already.

2 – In the lower right corner of the screen you will find several options that you need to clic on library.

3 – When the library is open you will find some options that you need to select Utilities.

4 – When you are indoors UtilitiesSwipe up to see the options that appear further down the menu. You get to the article Createwithin this section clic on Movie.

5 – You will find several themes for the movies, in this case you should choose new movie and select that photo and vídeos you want to include.

6 – When you finish everything you need to press the button Hold tight.

7 – For add the sound You need to select the movie you just made and clic on the button To editar.

8 – You cánido leave the music applied by Google plus Photos or choose another one by pressing the button music.

9 – Press to exit Hold tight and that’s it, will be yours photos with music.

google plus photos

Create a view

This aplicación is available for Android, iOS and for en línea use vía the browser.

Follow these steps to use it from your mobile phone.

1 – Choose the layout format (horizontal or vertical)

2 – Select one or more photo.

3 – Then you perro Add lyrics and music.

4 – Now you perro download your design in different formats.

5 – After a few seconds your creation will be ready and you cánido see how it turned out.

6 – Finally, you cánido customize the vídeo obtained to use it on popular networks or share it in Full HD vídeo format.

Create Vista – Android

Build Vista – iOS

Editar your vídeos like a pro with the best vídeo editing aplicaciones


This aplicación is free and very easy to use. You cánido create excellent presentations and vídeos on both Android and iOS.

1 – Open the aplicación and choose between the options to create Vídeo, photo or collage.

2 – Once the images are selected, you cánido reposition the color, add filters, background color, etcétera.

3 – Then you perro Add music to your photos Use one of those suggested by the aplicación or choose an audio archivo that you have saved on your mobile phone. You cánido also use the audio from other vídeos to apply them.

4 – Add sound effects, voice and others.

5 – Press the button Save on computer when you’re done.

6 – If you want you cánido share your vídeo on popular networks, correo electrónico or whatsapp.