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How to activate the dark theme in all Google applications that already include it

After the Google I / O held in May 2018, we saw how little by little the company Android was working month after month on a facelift of its main services and platforms, based on the new design philosophy Google Material Theme, that among other things introduced the long-awaited dark theme.

Today, when we have already entered 2019 and a good part of the Android applications created by the great G have already made the leap to these new style guides, several of these apps already have a night mode or dark theme hidden in their settings. In this article, we review the steps to activate it in each one of them.

All Google apps that already have a dark theme


If you use the google calculator app, you can also enjoy the new dark theme now. The application was one of the first to receive this option, something evident because after all, its interface is one of the simplest. To activate it, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Display the options menu from the three-dot button in the upper right.

  • Access the “Choose theme” section and choose “Dark”.

Google drive

Google Drive for Android receives one of its biggest redesigns to date

Google matched the redesign of Google drive with the arrival of dark theme. Now, the Google cloud storage application already has this option, which can be activated from the settings:

  • Pull down the side menu and access the “Settings” menu

  • In the “Theme” section, select the “Dark” option

Google fit

Google Fit, dark theme

Although many thought that the app had been abandoned to its fate, Google fit it was renewed not long ago by introducing the expected dark theme. As in other apps, it will be activated automatically when the system theme is set to dark.

Google play

Dark theme on Google Play Store

One of the latest apps to join the dark theme trend was Google Play Store. The store app already has its dark gray hue, which for now, yes, only available on devices upgraded to Android 10, and it will be activated automatically when you configure the dark theme of the system.

Google Files

It was born as a tool with which to free up space in less powerful mobiles, but it has already become Google's file explorer for Android, and not long ago, Files already has a dark mode, which will be activated automatically based on the system theme.


Google calendar with dark theme

If you are one of those who organizes your day to day at the end of each day, in the dark of night, you will be happy to know that Google's calendar app now has a dark theme. Activating it is as simple as in most Google apps with this same function:

  • Open Google Calendar and enter the settings menu.

  • In the “General” section, look for the “Theme” section, and select the “Dark” option.


Google Keep on Android and other productivity apps

The Google Notes app, Keep, also received its dose of darkness after the arrival of the update that marked the arrival of the Material Theme design. In this case, the background of the app turns dark gray, and the colors of the notes become more muted colors to improve readability. These are the steps to follow to activate it:

  • Open Google Keep and drop down the side options menu.

  • Click on “Settings” and activate the option “Enable dark theme”.


Dark mode in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the latest Google applications to integrate the expected dark theme. It was version 74 of the browser that introduced this option, although for now it must be enabled through the experimental settings of the app, known as .

  • Update Google Chrome to version 74, or download any of the other versions of the app –Beta, Dev or Canary–.

  • Open the address “chrome: // flags” –without the quotes–.

  • In the search bar, enter “Night” to display the “Android Chrome UI dark mode” option. Activate it and restart the browser.

  • Restart the app and open the Chrome settings. A new option should appear allowing you to activate the new dark theme.


YouTube app for Android

YouTube for Android joined the dark theme trend in summer 2018, several months after this option had begun to be available in the version of the app aimed at iPhone and iPad devices. As in the rest of Google services, YouTube Dark Theme for Android change the background colors to dark gray instead of black.

Be that as it may, and as has been shown in several studies carried out by Google itself, activating the dark theme in applications where you usually spend a lot of time such as YouTube, you can effectively reduce energy consumption. The steps to activate the night mode on YouTube are as follows:

  • Open the YouTube app and click on your profile image located in the upper right.

  • Go to “Settings” and access the “General” section.

  • Activate the “Dark theme” option. Now it is recommended to restart the application.

Google Discover

Google Discover Dark

The case of the search engine application itself is somewhat more complex. Although Google Discover finally received the dark theme in one of its latest updates, it is not possible to manually activate the option through the app itself.

Instead, to be able to activate the dark theme in Google Discover it is necessary activate the native Android dark theme, available only on Pixel phones. This mode is activated automatically when using a dark wallpaper, or through the system display settings.

Dark mode in Google Discover


Android messages

It is very likely that in the coming years we will witness a great revolution in the Android native messaging app. The company intends to make this app the messaging standard within the operating system, coming to compete with WhatsApp and other heavyweights in the sector.

For some time, in addition, the Android Messages app offers the possibility of activating a dark mode that affects the entire interface of the app. To do this, you just have to pull down the options menu on the upper right, and activate the dark theme.

Google Pay

The tool google mobile payments is another of the applications that already have a dark theme. This is activated automatically if it detects that system theme is set correctly in dark mode, and therefore only works on Android 10 at the moment.


Google Phone App

One of the last applications to receive the expected dark theme is the Google Phone app. Since the app is only compatible with Pixel phones and Android One phones, it is not one of the most popular in this compilation, but it still deserves our recognition.

As with the Google Discover app, dark theme in google phone app is subject to system theme.


Google Maps, maps application for Android

Without becoming a dark theme to use, which affects the entire app interface, Google Maps also offers the possibility of activating a night mode for the navigation view. Normally, this mode is activated automatically at night, but it is also possible to keep it activated permanently.

To do this, you just have to access the application settings and follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Navigation Settings” and look for the “Color Scheme” section.

  • Activate night mode by selecting the “Night” option.


Google Authenticator for Android

By now you should be aware of the benefits of using 2-Step Verification on all of your accounts. If so, you probably already use one of the verification apps like Google Authenticator, which despite not being one of the most popular, is one of the most useful tools created by the company, and of course already has a dark theme.

Curiously, this app comes with dark mode activated by default, and if you want to use the clear theme, you will have to click on the button on the top right and click on “see in clear mode”.


Android Snapseed Photography

Snapseed, probably one of the best image editors for Android, it also has a dark theme for a few months. To activate it, you only have to access the application settings, and activate the option “Dark theme”.

Google Play Games

Google Play games with dark theme

Google Play Games is the first of the apps in the Google Play suite to join the dark theme trend. It is also one of the tools with the best implementation of Google Material Theme, with great images and graphics that stand out from the rest of the interface.

As in the vast majority of apps, to activate the dark theme just open the application settings, and activate the corresponding option.


Gboard gets updated with new gradient color themes

The Google keyboard for Android –and iOS– also has multitude of themes to choose from, including some dark ones, and even totally black for devices with OLED screen.

Google news

Although Google News is not available in Spain – although it can be used from Latin America to read and the rest of Difoosion's media – Google's news app continues to be one of the best created by the company, and since its arrival of its great update, offers the possibility of activate a dark theme available in the app settings.

These are, for now, all Google applications that offer the possibility to activate a dark mode –We could have added Wear OS as well, but the app interface already has black backgrounds natively and there's no way to change the look. However, given that the deployment of the Google Material Theme lines is being carried out progressively now that Android 10 is already among us, it is very likely that over the months we will see how more and more applications of the company are add to this trend. We will update this article frequently each time a new Google app is updated with this option.