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How to activate developer options in Android Auto

With this trick you will be able to access the secret Android Auto menu and have several interesting options available.

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds, now with the arrival of new smartphones on the market it is possible sync your devices and make them work together (smartwatch, home and even your own car).

As we have seen with Apple CarPlay, Android also has an easy way to connect your mobile through Android Auto, and thus keep functions and applications active without taking your eyes off the wheel.

For those who do not know, Android Auto is a system developed by Google that allows smartphones to connect effectively with compatible car browsers and can even operate your control panel.

How to activate developer options in Android Auto

Thanks to this system, today there are many apps that you can use, including: maps and radars, radio and podcasts, music, watching videos and, of course, instant messaging apps. But did you know that Android Auto count with one secret menu which you can access and get new features?

These settings are typical of the Android operating system, and in previous cases we have been able to activate the developer options, and know the advantages it has, especially to carry out advanced modifications, configure certain behaviors and troubleshoot. Now is the time for you to learn how to activate developer options in Android Auto and get the most out of it.

Steps to activate developer mode in Android Auto

Before entering the secret menu, it is important that you know that some false movement can alter the proper functioning of the system, so exercise some caution. If in the same way you wish enable developer options in Android Auto, follow each of the steps that you will see below.

  • Download and install the latest version of Android Auto on your mobile device. If you already have it installed, check that it is the latest version, especially to keep the app updated and with the latest security standards.
  • Open the app Android Auto.
  • Tap the menu three horizontal stripes found in the upper left of the screen.
Steps to activate developer mode in Android Auto

Enter the Android Auto application and go directly to the system configuration part

  • Tap the option “Configuration / Settings”.
  • At the end of the section “Information” you will see the version of the app. In this section, tap repeatedly (at least 10 taps in a row) until activate developer mode. Shortly after a notification will appear asking if you want to enable developer settings, tap on “To accept”
so you can activate the developer mode in Android Auto

Now go to the end of the menu and tap several times on the app version

  • This step will open a new menu, tap on “Scheduler Settings” to access the menu with extremely interesting functions and voila.
Steps to activate developer mode in Android Auto

Tap on “Developer Settings” to enter Android Auto developer options

What options does developer mode have?

What options does developer-2 mode have

These are all the available options of the Android Auto developer mode

  • Application mode.
  • Day Night.
  • Share screenshot now.
  • Add wireless projection.
  • Save video.
  • Dump screenshot.
  • Save audio.
  • Save microphone input.
  • Guide audio sample rate
  • Erase all data.
  • Force debug log.
  • Collect GPS data.
  • Disable ANR monitoring.
  • Request video focus on startup.
  • Enable audio latency dump.
  • Video resolution.
  • Unknown sources.
  • Enable debug overlay.

Keep in mind that some options, although they are available, are not enabled yet, so when you access it, it may not work as you expect.

However, there are others that you can enable, such as: force video resolution to see the trajectory at a higher level, being able to choose between an autobearch or resolution 480, 720 and 1080p Or simply modify night mode to be controlled or not by the car or mobile.

Another option that you can enable in the developer mode of Android Auto will be the “Unknown sources”, which opens the doors to install any apk app and you can even delete all data.