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How do I activate it and why is it, is your mobile phone compatible?

NFC technology is one of the most useful in teléfonos inteligentes due to its versatility. So you perro find out if it is on your mobile phone and easily activate it.

NFC on Android: how to activate it and why, is your phone compatible?
NFC technology has many applications on Android.

In this guide you will know What is NFC technology present on your Android phone, all the emplees you cánido give it and how to activate it this connectivity. You may not yet know what NFC is, but it’s one of the most useful features you cánido have on your móvil. Undoubtedly, when you escoge to buy a new mobile phone, you must make sure that it has NFC technology.

This connectivity is no longer reserved for high-end mobile phones. To prove it to you, in this guide We recommend some of the best teléfonos inteligentes with NFC What perro you buy right now? First, let’s explain what NFC connectivity is and how it works.

What is NFC?

NFC – an acronym for Near Field Communication – is a technology wireless, short-range, high-frequency communications This allows information to be transferred between two devices with this type of chip. Although the truth is that this communication cánido work in two ways depending on how the devices are connected.

  • Active NFC connectivity: The two connected devices generate an electromagnetic field with their own energy sources to exchange information with each other.
  • Passive NFC connectivity: Only one of the two devices has a power source, so it generates its own electromagnetic field, which the other device emplees to exchange information

As you cánido imagine, NFC technology is found be present in places other than teléfonos inteligentes. For example, it is technology that allows us to use public transport transport cardand indeed this is a good example of passive NFC as these cards don’t have their own power supply but use the magnetic field of the NFC sensor in the subway turnstiles.

The NFC transmission speed, on the other hand, is not very fast because it only a Transmission rate 424 kbit/sTherefore, it is not intended to transfer large amounts of data, but to Verification and Identification Procedures. However, as we will see later, we also have the possibility of sending archivos between devices.

The best Android phones with NFC connectivity

Its strength is that, unlike Bluetooth, it does not require pairing, but thanks to it is instantaneous fast communication speed. Of course, at the expense of its range, it is at most possible be 20 centimeters.

In short, NFC technology has reached mobile phones that Facilitate tasks we do every dayfor example paying for purchases, transferring archivos or pairing the phone with Bluetooth accessories like wireless headphones and we will see that in the next section.

Why is NFC on Android?

NFC is essential in current teléfonos inteligentes due to the numerous functions it offers, which will be detailed on the NFC Forum website. It has three main functions:

  • NFC tag reader
  • device pairing
  • counterfeit cards
How to use NFC on Android

Thanks to NFC technology, you perro identify yourself with your Android.

And based on these three emplees, we cánido use NFC on our Android phone in many ways and we will tell you what they are. that you cánido use every day:

  • Mobile payments: Perhaps the most valuable use of NFC is to pay with your mobile phone, because we perro do that through Google plus Pay or our banking applications Pay with our móvil as you would with a bank card. This way we cánido leave the credit card at home and always be prepared for unexpected expenses. In addition, most companies today are coincidente with this form of payment.
  • Quick pairing with Bluetooth devices: For example, one of the things that we’ve been watching for years is that accessory manufacturers Headphones or Bluetooth speakersThey put NFC on their devices, which we cánido quickly pair but bring them closer to our terminal. A process that saves us time and makes it very easy to use any of these Bluetooth devices.
  • Archivo transfer between mobile phones: Another use of NFC is to transfer archivos between two mobile phones that are together. All you have to do is enable NFC, open the archivo you want to share, connect the two phones and accept the archivo transfer to send or receive the information.
  • Wireless charging accessories: As reported by the NFC Forum, one of the lesser-known emplees of NFC is wireless charging of small technology devices following the approval of the Wireless Charging Specification (WLC) estándar. For example you perro Charge Bluetooth headphones or smartwatches.
  • identity card: With NFC you cánido also use your mobile phone as an identification tool use public transport, open the front doorchecking into a hotel, opening the car door, or entering a concert or museum.
  • NFC tags with automated actions: NFC tags are small passive NFC devices that we cánido program to automatically carry out all sorts of functions upon contact with our mobile phone, for example Turn on Bluetooth or even turn on Airplane mode. You cánido also use these labels Meet at a museum to learn more under their pictures, in a shop to access special offers or at the taxi rank to initiate a call with a taxi controlador.

How to enable NFC on your Android phone

As we have already told you, activating NFC on your Android mobile is a very fácil process. When your custom layer fits, just slide up the top status bar Find the NFC under the shortcuts. Simply touching the button enables or disables connectivity.

If you swipe the status bar and cannot find this option, it means you need to continue another method of activating the NFC on your phone -as long as you have it of course-. Is this:

  1. Open Terminal Preferences.
  2. Clic on the article “Left”. Depending on the manufacturer, it could also be called “Wireless Connections”, “More Connections” and version.
  3. Check the “NFC” box. Slide the button to the right. If you clic on it, you perro access the configuration of some functions, y también.g. B. the payment without touching. If you cánido’t find the NFC option under Connections, you perro Do this in the “More” menu..

How do I find out if my phone has NFC?

It’s very easy to know if your mobile phone has NFCC, just go to the settings and Entrar the browser “NFC”.. If it appears in the settings it means that your mobile phone has it, because obviously if the terminal did not have an NFC chip we would have no way of activating it.

On the other hand, you cánido always do that complejo turístico to an application that verifies it, such as B. Check NFC, which tells you whether your terminal has NFC connectivity or not. Fácil truth?

Google plus Play | Check NFC

NFC checker

Check NFC is an aplicación that tells you if your mobile phone has NFC connectivity.

The best phones with NFC

If you read this part of the guide without Having achieved a mobile phone with NFC technology, congratulations because now you cánido discover the models on the market that cannot be missing from your list if you want. Exchange your old móvil inteligente for one with NFC.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

In between The best phones with NFC There are models like that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G or OPPO Find X5 Pro 5GAlthough their prices don’t suit all budgets. If you want a good mid-range cell phone with NFC for around 400 euros, for example, you cánido look at models like the POCO F4 5G or this OnePlus Nord 2T.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S

Naturally, Teléfonos inteligentes are cheap with NFC, so you cánido enjoy all the benefits without spending a lot of money. We cánido models like that Xiaomi Redmi Note 11Sthe OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G or the Samsung Galaxy M23 5G.

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