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Honor launches the Band 4, a direct rival of Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3

Honor has announced by surprise the launch of the smartband Band 4 and a special edition of the smart bracelet for sports lovers, the Honor Band 4 Running Edition. Although their launch is currently set in China, the company's homeland, both accessories will reach other territories in the future, including Europe.

On the Wiebo page you can see all the details of the device, which becomes a direct rival of Xiaomi's Mi Band 3, one of the smart bracelets more complete.

The Honor Band 4 comes with some pretty interesting options over the previous model. The most important change is that integrated screen is AMOLED type, so it is possible to use colors, and its dimensions are 0.95 inches and it has a 2.5D finish.

A special edition for athletes

The Honor Band 4 has a 100 mAh battery which, according to the manufacturer, allows you to wear the bracelet for two weeks without recharging. The new bracelet comes in different colors for its strap, such as black or pink.

Honor launches the Band 4, a direct rival of Xiaomi's Mi Band 3

As for the functionalities, all the usual ones are included. In addition, the bracelet has an integrated heart rate sensor and protection against water and dust of 5 atmospheres, which allows that doing sports in the water is not an impediment. To manage all the information, it is done with TrueSeen 2.0, which is synchronized via Bluetooth.

The smart bracelet too measure sleep thanks to TruSleep 2.0., even deep sleep. It has been confirmed that the Honor Band 4 will be available in China from next September 20 and that its price will be about 25 euros to change.

There is also a model designed for the most athletic, called Honor Band 4 Running Edition. This variant comes with a monochrome P-OLED screen and a 77mAh battery, in addition to having integrated advanced options that recognize physical activity when riding a bike or running. Its price will be lower than the Band 4, since it will only cost 13 euros.