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Here’s how you can improve your home network with Wi-Fi 6 for less than 100 euros

We tested one of ZTE’s top enrutadores, the Miracle AX3000 Pro. Find out what it has to offer in our test report.

ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Analysis: How to improve your home network with Wi-Fi 6 for less than 100 euros
ZTE’s Miracle AX3000 Pro enrutador has won one of the iF Design Awards 2022 & Image / Christian Collado

If you’ve recently changed your cell phone and bought a mid-range or high-end model, chances are you’ve already done so Support for Wi-Fi 6 technology. However, if you didn’t install the enrutador with your fiber optic operator, it likely does you don’t enjoy it about the advantages of this technology.

It’s all about this Change your operator’s enrutador to a neutral one This is a great iniciativa, especially if you want to benefit from all the technological advances that each new version of the Wi-Fi estándar brings.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for it Enjoy an enhanced experience with your home or office Wi-Fi network. For less than 100 euros you have access to devices Wi-Fi 6 coincidente, improved network range and control interfaz much more intuitive than the operator’s enrutador.

That’s among other things what the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Prois one of the latest WiFi enrutador models from the Chinese company that we have been able to test over the past few weeks.

ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro

ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro, review and score

+ advantages

  • Thin, light and with a minimalist look
  • Powerful
  • Wi-Fi 6 coincidente
  • Good specification-price ratio
  • NFC coincidente for fast connection

– Disadvantages

  • Incorrect translations in the application

ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Price and Where to Buy

The Miracle AX3000 Pro is a 99.99 euros to buy in Spain. It cánido be bought on both Amazon and the the company’s official en línea shop.

ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro


The first thing that draws attention is the ZTE AX3000 Pro to design. This enrutador doesn’t try to go unnoticed like Google plus’s latest Wi-Fi Nest models. You perro tell it’s a enrutadordespite the fact that the company that called it made some changes be among the winners of the iF Design Awards 2022one of the most prestigious design awards that exist today.

And not for less. The enrutador is on minimalist look that stands out from being extremely thin, with a thickness of less than 4 mm at the thinnest point. All this weighing only 430 grams. Besides, it’s a Nice matte finish in two different color versions: black and white.

Yes four large antennae its angle cánido be easily modified. However, they cannot be retracted like with other enrutadores. Yes, however it is possible folded them all so that they are attached to the housing of the enrutador.

Top routers from ZTE

The enrutador features NFC, which facilitates one-touch connection vía mobile phone / Image: Christian Collado

On its front we see a LED position indicator, perro be disabled vía ZTELink aplicación. In the meantime, hide them the on and off buttonthe connection for the socket and the four RJ45 ports with support for speeds up to 1000 Mbps. With that in mind, it’s worth mentioning that the enrutador includes one Cat 5Y también Ethernet Cable.

Like all enrutadores, the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro includes a Button reset to default This allows you to restore the factory settings From the device. This is below and to access it you will need to use a delicate tool such as B. the SIM card extractor that is included in most modern mobile phones.


If your enrutador is already installed, it’s easy to see the benefits of the technology hidden within. But let’s talk numbers first.

The AX3000 Pro includes a A 64-bit Qualcomm únidad central de procesamiento, along with a two-wire network processor. Both offers should be on paper high transmission speeds with high stability.

This hardware adds some new ones High gain antennas capable of reaching 7 dBito achieve a better range compared to the company’s previous models.

ZTE WiFi 6 router antennas

The enrutador’s antennas cánido be folded to allow the enrutador to take up less space or direct its direction / Image: Christian Collado

It contains the processor I talked about earlier Wi-Fi 6 support o WLAN 802.11 ax, which in the case of the new ZTE enrutador i The maximum transmission rate cánido reach 3000 Gbps.

On the left, a speed test with the operator’s enrutador, 2 m away with no obstacles. Correct, speed test with ZTE AX3000 Pro under the same conditions.

In my tests, I could noticed a big improvement Both in network range and speed. Previously, I could only reach over Wi-Fi with my carrier enrutador between 120 and 150 of the contracted 600 Mbps all about two meters away from the enrutador and without obstacles between the móvil (WiFi 6 coincidente) and the enrutador.

With the AX3000 Pro, on the other hand, the speed he doubled be able to under the same conditions more than 350 Mbit/s.

On the left, a speed test with the operator’s enrutador, 10 m away, with obstacles. Correct, speed test with ZTE AX3000 Pro under the same conditions.

The enrutador’s improved antennas also seem to do their job perfectly, which allows Improving network coverage in all areas away from home, including those furthest away or those with the most obstacles.

ZTE router AX3000 Pro ports

All ports included in the enrutador are ZTE Wi-Fi 6 / Image: Christian Collado

programa and experience

The entire configuration of the enrutador perro be done vía the Aplicación ZTE Backlinkavailable on Google plus Play and Aplicación Store for iOS and Android users.

The aplicación is a infinitely easier-to-use interfaz than most enrutadores provided by carriers. However, it falls far short of offering as intuitive an experience as Google plus Home when it comes to setting up devices like Nest Wi-Fi or Nest Wi-Fi Pro.

This is required before you start configuring the enrutador connect with him. It’s the easiest to remove NFC technology that the enrutador brings the móvil inteligente closer to the upper part and releases it the connection will be established automatically. This is undoubtedly one of the strengths of this device, although the possibility is always there disable NFC connectivity for safety reasons.

It is possible vía the aplicación Check connection status, look at the connection speed (upload and download) and make some quick adjustments. Below that is a “WLAN Optimization” option that will automatically analyze and select that small channel packed to improve the connection.

Also included is an option that gives direct access to the “Mesh Network” function, from which you cánido configure a Wi-Fi type network mesh fabric use of different Enrutadores to improve coverage throughout the home.

The aplicación, like others from companies of Chinese origin, There are some issues with the Spanish translationsalthough it is more or less easy to understand all the options it offers.

It is possible in the “Plus” menu Configure Wi-Fi network parameters and the enrutador’s own, including an option to Factory reset device or update your firmware to the latest version available.

In general, it is one useful application Consult specific details and make one adjustment or another. However, this enrutador stands out for its simplicity and most users You don’t have to use it too often.

This device has been thoroughly tested Independently thanks to a move of the brand. The article contains purchase backlinks for which Andro4all may receive a commission. take part to the market channel Andro4all to find out about the best deals before anyone else.