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Here’s how Instagram could make millions of dollars in a few months

The well-known photography social network plans to make more money with a new feature, get the details.

Instagram continues to work on new functions with which to improve the application, although it also has other features with which could make millions of dollars in a few months.

At least that’s what a new patent request.

Since The Verge they collect that the well-known photography social network has filed a patent application showing that Instagram could be planning charge a fee for placing links in the comment box (subtitles) of a photograph.

The request was submitted in 2016 and displays a popup that appears just when the user adds a URL in a caption a photograph that you want to upload to your profile.

A window that asks the user if they want to pay 2 dollars for the link to be active.

Instagram is one of the most popular tools, and now it prepares a new function.

It should be noted that nowadays when one introduces a link in the caption of a photo, said link it’s not active, so the user cannot access it directly.

With this patent, entitled “adding paid links to the subtitles of the media in a social network system”, this problem would be solved, although it would be necessary to pay for it.

Putting links in the comment box could cost users money

Instagram plans to make money with a new feature

Instagram plans to make money with a new feature.

The patent also describes how this system works, and the summary is that “it will detect that the content of the title text includes a text string of the link that identifies an address.”

In addition, this system will ask the user of the publication to “Pay a fee in exchange for generating a link” in the caption box of a photograph, where the caption is written.

Many users have complained for a long time that they cannot include a link to a photo caption, while in the Stories it is possible (although for this you have to be verified).

For this reason, users usually include the links in their biographies, where they are active for everyone.

With this new feature that Instagram has patented, it remains to be seen how useful it is in the future, and if influencers and brands are willing to pay the requested fee for it.

Of course, it is clear that the well-known social network is looking for new ways to earn even more money.

It should be noted that, as in the vast majority of cases, at the moment it is only a patent, so this feature may never see the light of day.