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Headphones inspired by Genshin Impact arrive in Spain

The new POCO Buds Pro are budget headphones with active noise cancellation and a design inspired by Genshin Impact.

POCO Buds Pro: headphones inspired by Genshin Impact arrive in Spain
The POCO Buds Pro are POCO’s first high-end wireless headphones.

The new exhibit by POCO, the POCO F4 GT that didn’t come alone. At the same time, the brand presented its first smartwatch, as well as several new ones wireless headphonesthe SMALL Buds Per.

These new additions to the increasingly diverse POCO product portfolio stand out from theirs striking designInspired by one of the most habitual characters from the famous game MiHoyo: The influence of Genshin.

POCO Buds Pro, all information

As perro be seen from the photos, the POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition is specially designed for entusiastas of the habitual game. Both its appearance and some details are promoted Klee, the iconic playable character from the MiHoYo title.

There is a red charging case with the golden interior and the headphones, which are also red, the four-leaf clover is so characteristic of Klee.

The POCO Buds Pro are equipped with a dynamic 9 millimeter controlador belonging to a system of noise cancellation supported by systems based on artificial intelligence Adjust the noise reduction level automatically.

They also integrate IPX4 water resistanceThe function of double connectionand cánido be offered until 28 hours independence, with a fast charging system that perro charge the headphones in just 10 minutes. Also includes the case fast charging support and wired vía USB-C.

The Genshin POCO Buds Pro Impact Edition will arrive in Spain on May 10th and perro be purchased at the official shop of the brand at an official price of 69.99 euros. In addition, as usual, there will be a 48-hour early bird offer where the person decides buy SMALL F4 GT, You cánido buy the POCO Buds Pro for one price 49.99 euros to buy.